Lucas CAV DPA and DPS governor spring 7123-94L


Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps

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Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps. 7123-94L

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3142F000, 3233F890, 3233F950, 3238F090, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F490, 3238F570, 3238F580, 3240168, 3240497, 3240507, 3240527, 3240538, 3240548, 3240557, 3240708, 3240F168, 3240F497, 3240F507, 3240F527, 3240F538, 3240F539, 3240F548, 3240F557, 3240F708, 3242001, 3242051, 3242071, 3242111, 3242121, 3242151, 3242221, 3242243, 3242245, 3242246, 3242247, 3242263, 3242265, 3242266, 3242267, 3242283, 3242617, 3242627, 3242633, 3242635, 3242636, 3242637, 3243140, 3243200, 3243990, 3262748, 3263000, 3263320, 3263321, 3263660, 3263910, 3263F660, 3263F910, 3268010, 3268390, 3268580, 3268F010, 3268F011, 3268F390, 3268F391, 3268F490, 3268F570, 3268F571, 3268F572, 3268F580, 3268F581, 3268F640, 3268F760, 3268F870, 3269F220, 3269F530, 3269F531, 3269F570, 3269F571, 3269F572, 3269F790, 3269F791, 3269F890, 3269F910, 3269F911, 3269F912, 3269F913, 3269F914, 3342F130, 3342F721, 3343F740, 3343F741, 3343F742, 3343F743, 3343F744, 3343F745, 3343F950, 3343F951, 3343F952, 3343F953, 3343F954, 3348F621, 3348F930T, 3348F931T, 3348F932T, 3348F933T, 3362F310, 3362F311, 3362F312, 3362F320, 3362F330, 3362F380, 3362F381, 3362F382, 3362F450, 3362F451, 3362F452, 3362F460, 3362F4G1, 3362F490, 3362F491, 3362F530, 3362F531, 3362F532, 3362F580, 3362F671, 3362F672, 3362F680, 3362F690, 3362F691, 3362F692, 3362F700, 3362F760, 3362F761, 3362F762, 3362F763, 3362F764, 3362F765, 3362F780, 3362F781, 3362F782, 3362F783, 3362F784, 3362F800, 3362F801, 3362F820, 3362F821, 3362F822, 3362F823, 3362F824, 3362F830, 3362F831, 3362F832, 3362F833, 3362F834, 3362F840, 3362F841, 3362F870, 3362F871, 3362F872, 3362F920, 3362F921, 3363F050, 3363F051, 3363F052, 3363F330, 3363F331, 3363F361, 3363F370, 3363F371, 3440030, 3440F030, 3462061, 3462221, 3462F061, 3462F221, 3562F140, 3562F380, 3562F550, 3562F650, 3562F651, 3562F680, 3562F740, 3562F750, 3642F410, 3642F640, 3642F710W, 3662F223, 3662F224, 3662F310, 3662F311, 3662F430, 3662F431, 3662F810, 3663F040W, 3663F050W, C3268F440, C3268F760, C3269F570, C3269F910, C3362F050, V3268F010, V3269F570, V3269F911, 8521A100A, 8521A101A, 8521A110A, 8521A111A, 8521A200A, 8521A201 A, 8521A210A, 8521A211A, 8521A220A, 8521A221A, 8521A222A, 8521A223A, 8521A270A, 8521A271A, 8521A310A, 8521A320A, 8521A321A



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