*Serviceable Part*

Lucas CAV DPA control spring link rod 7139-754G USED


Item 34 in the exploded diagram.

This is a serviceable USED part

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Control spring governor link used in DPA pumps with 3 springs. 95mm end to end approx

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

3142F000, 3222F030, 3230F281, 3233110, 3233340, 3233360, 3233400, 3233F110, 3233F111, 3233F130, 3233F131, 3233F140, 3233F141, 3233F340, 3233F341, 3233F360, 3233F361, 3233F400, 3233F401, 3233F470, 3233F480, 3233F490, 3233F500, 3233F540, 3233F550, 3233F560, 3233F570, 3238F030, 3238F270, 3238F271, 3238F280, 3238F281, 3238F290, 3238F291, 3238F300, 3238F301, 3238F360, 3238F370, 3238F380, 3238F390, 3238F391, 3238F400, 3238F401, 3238F410, 3238F411, 3238F420, 3238F421, 3239F140, 3239F141, 3239F150, 3239F151, 3239F160, 3239F161, 3239F170, 3239F171, 3239F180, 3239F181, 3239F190, 3239F191, 3249F520, 3249F551, 3249F552, 3249F553, 3249F562, 3249F572, 3249F573, 3249F581, 3249F582, 3249F600, 3249F610, 3249F620, 3249F630, 3249F720, 3249F760, 3249F761, 3249F960, 3249F961, 3249F970, 3249F971, 3249F980, 3249F990, 3263113, 3263252, 3263303, 3263541, 3263700, 3263771, 3263800, 3263810, 3263880, 3263890, 3263900, 3263950, 3263960, 3263970, 3263980, 3263F113, 3263F252, 3263F303, 3263F541, 3263F700, 3263F771, 3263F800, 3263F810, 3263F880, 3263F890, 3263F900, 3263F901, 3263F950, 3263F960, 3263F970, 3263F980, 3268020, 3268030, 3268040, 3268080, 3268090, 3268100, 3268181, 3268210, 3268250, 3268260, 3268360, 3268430, 3268431, 3268440, 3268450, 3268460, 3268610, 3268630, 3268710, 3268F020, 3268F030, 3268F040, 3268F080, 3268F090, 3268F091, 3268F100, 3268F180, 3268F181, 3268F182, 3268F210, 3268F211, 3268F250, 3268F260, 3268F360, 3268F361, 3268F430, 3268F431, 3268F432, 3268F440, 3268F450, 3268F451, 3268F460, 3268F590, 3268F610, 3268F620, 3268F630, 3268F640, 3268F670, 3268F680, 3268F710, 3268F770, 3268F780, 3268F781, 3268F782, 3268F790, 3268F791, 3268F800, 3268F801, 3268F802, 3268F810, 3268F811, 3268F890, 3268F891, 3268F900, 3268F910, 3268F920, 3268F930, 3269F010, 3269F011, 3269F020, 3269F030, 3269FQ40, 3269F050, 3269F060, 3269F061, 3269F070, 3269F080, 3269F090, 3269F100, 3269F130, 3269F131, 3269F170, 3269F190, 3269F191, 3269F192, 3269F200, 3269F230, 3269F240, 3269F241, 3269F242, 3269F250, 3269F260, 3269F270, 3269F280, 3269F281, 3269F282, 3269F290, 3269F291, 3269F292, 3269F370, 3269F371, 3269F380, 3269F381, 3269F420, 3269F421, 3269F490, 3269F491, 3269F500, 3269F510, 3269F520, 3269F530, 3269F531, 3269F560, 3269F690, 3269F700, 3269F701, 3269F710, 3269F720, 3269F721, 3269F760, 3269F780, 3269F810, 3269F811, 3269F880, 3282020, 3282021, 3282F021, 3282F040, 3282F050, 3282F060, 3282F070, 3282F080, 3282F090, 3282F100, 3342F040, 3342F230, 3342F240, 3342F340, 3342F480, 3342F520, 3342F530, 3342F560, 3342F561, 3342F630, 3342F640, 3342F710, 3342F711, 3342F720, 3342F721, 3342F770, 3342F771, 3342F780, 3342F830, 3342F840, 3342F841, 3342F850, 3342F851, 3342F860, 3342F870, 3342F880, 3342F900, 3342F910, 3343F260, 3343F261, 3343F290, 3343F320, 3343F380, 3343F470, 3343F480, 3343F490, 3343F491, 3343F500, 3343F530, 3343F540, 3343F700, 3343F770, 3343F771, 3343F780, 3343F810, 3343F870, 3343F871, 3343F880, 3343F890, 3343F900, 3343F910, 3343F920, 3348F580, 3348F581, 3348F590, 3348F591, 3348F610, 3348F611, 3349F220X, 3349F221W, 3349F221X, 3349F222W, 3362F080, 3362F081, 3362F090, 3362F100, 3362F101, 3362F110, 3362F111, 3362F120, 3362F121, 3362F122, 3362F250, 3362F260, 3362F270, 3362F380, 3362F381, 3362F382, 3362F470, 3362F471, 3362F560, 3362F561, 3362F810, 3362F811, 3363F180, 3363F181, 3363F182, 3432F120, 3432F190, 3432F290, 3432F430, 3432F490, 3432F500, 3432F580, 3442F370, 3442F770, 3442F810, 3442F990, 3462F280, 3522F010, 3522F020, 3522F030, 3530F010, 3530F020, 3530F030, 3530F040, 3532F030, 3532F040, 3532F050, 3532F060, 3532F070, 3532F071, 3532F080, 3532F090, 3532F100, 3532F110, 3532F130, 3532F140, 3540F010, 3540F020, 3540F030, 3541F010, 3541F020, 3542F010, 3542F020, 3542F021, 3542F030, 3542F040, 3542F050, 3542F051, 3542F053, 3542F060, 3542F070, 3542F080, 3542F090, 3542F091, 3542F092, 3542F093, 3542F100, 3542F110, 3542F120, 3542F130, 3542F140, 3542F150, 3542F160, 3542F170, 3542F180, 3542F190, 3542F191, 3542F250, 3542F300, 3542F310, 3542F330, 3542F340, 3542F350, 3542F360, 3542F370, 3542F380, 3542F420, 3542F430, 3542F440, 3542F450, 3542F451, 3542F460, 3542F471, 3542F480, 3542F481, 3542F483, 3542F490, 3542F500, 3542F520, 3542F521, 3542F540, 3542F550, 3542F560, 3542F580, 3542F590, 3542F591, 3542F600, 3542F610, 3542F611, 3542F613, 3542F620, 3542F630, 3542F640, 3542F660, 3542F700, 3542F740, 3542F760, 3542F770, 3542F780, 3542F790, 3542F820, 3542F840, 3542F841, 3542F842, 3542F870, 3542F880, 3542F890, 3542F900, 3542F901, 3542F930, 3542F960, 3542F970, 3543F000, 3543F020, 3543F100, 3560F010, 3560F020, 3562F010, 3562F030, 3562F050, 3562F060, 3562F080, 3562F090, 3562F091, 3562F092, 3562F100, 3562F140, 3562F150, 3562F160, 3562F170, 3562F180, 3562F181, 3562F210, 3562F220, 3562F230, 3562F240, 3562F250, 3562F270, 3562F280, 3562F290, 3562F291, 3562F310, 3562F320, 3562F330, 3562F331, 3562F333, 3562F334, 3562F340, 3562F350, 3562F360, 3562F361, 3562F370, 3562F380, 3562F390, 3562F400, 3562F440, 3562F450, 3562F520, 3562F540, 3562F550, 3562F760, 3562F770, 3632F170, 3632F171, 3632F210, 3632F220, 3640F280, 3640F330, 3640F340, 3642F270, 3642F280, 3642F300, 3642F310, 3642F320, 3642F330, 3642F331, 3642F332, 3642F340, 3642F341, 3642F342, 3642F343, 3642F351, 3642F410, 3642F420, 3642F421, 3642F422, 3642F440, 3642F450, 3642F460, 3642F470, 3642F480, 3642F490, 3642F491, 3642F500, 3642F501, 3642F560, 3642F580, 3642F581, 3642F600, 3642FG10, 3642F620, 3642F640, 3642F650, 3642F660, 3642F670, 3642F71OW, 3642F720W, 3642F850W, 3662F360, 3662F361, 3662F370, 3662F371, 3662F380, 3662F381, 3G62F440, 3662F441, 3G62F470, 3G62F471, 3G62F472, 3662F530, 3662F531, 3662F540, 3662F541, 3662F542W, 3662F580, 3662F581, 3662F700, 3662F710, 3662F720, 3662F730, 3662F731, 3662F740, 3662F741, 3662F750, 3662F760, 3662F770, 3662F790, 3662F801, 3662F830, 3662F840, 3662F880, 3662F930, 3663F100W, 3663F110W, 3663F120W, 3932F000, 3932F001, 3932F002, 3932F003, 3932F004, 3932F005, 3932F006, 3932F010, 3932F011, 3932F012, 3932F020, 3932F030, 3932F031, 3932F032, 3932F033, 3932F040, 3932F041, 3932F042, 3932F043, 3932F044, 3932F045, 3932F050, 3932F051, 3932F052, 3932F053, 3932F054, 3932F055, 3932F060, 3932F070, 3932F071, 3932F072, 3932F080, 3932F081, 3932F082, 3932F083, 3932F090, 3932F091, 3932F092, 3932F093, 3932F100, 3932F101, 3932F102, 3932F103, 3932F110, 3932F111, 3932F112, 3932F121, 3932F122, 3932F131, 3932F132, 3932F140, 3932F141, 3932F150, 3932F151, 3932F160, 3932F161, 3932F170, 3932F171, 3932F180N, 3932F190N, 3932F200N, 3942F041, 3942F061, 3942F0G2, 3942F081, 3942F100, 3942F101, 3942F102, 3942F103, 3942F104, 3942F110, 3942F111, 3942F112, 3942F113, 3942F140, 3942F141, 3942F142, 3942F143, 3942F150, 3942F151, 3942F160, 3942F170, 3942F171, 3942F180, 3942F181, 3942F182, 3942F190, 3942F191, 3942F192, 3942F200, 3942F210, 3942F211, 3942F220, 3942F221, 3942F222, 3942F223, 3942F224, 3942F230, 3942F231, 3942F232, 3942F233, 3942F234, 3942F235, 3942F240, 3942F241, 3942F242, 3942F250, 3942F251, 3942F252, 3942F260, 3942F261, 3942F270, 3942F271, 3942F281, 3942F290, 3942F291, 3942F292, 3942F293, 3942F294, 3942F300, 3942F330, 3942F331, 3942F350, 3942F360, 3942F361, 3942F362, 3942F370, 3942F380, 3942F381, 3942F382, 3942F390, 3942F391, 3942F392, 3942F400, 3942F410, 3942F420, 3942F430, 3942F440, 3942F441, 3942F442, 3942F443, 3942F450, 3942F460, 3942F461, 3942F462, 3942F463, 3942F470, 3942F480, 3942F481, 3942F482, 3942F490, 3942F500, 3942F510, 3942F521, 3942F522, 3942F523, 3942F530, 3942F531, 3942F532, 3942F533, 3942F560, 3942F570, 3942F580, 3942F581, 3942F582, 3942F583, 3942F590, 3942F591, 3942F600, 3942FG01, 3942F610, 3942FG11, 3942F612, 3942F613, 3942F620, 3942FG21, 3942F630, 3942F631, 3942F632, 3942F633, 3942F640, 3942F641, 3942F650, 3942FG51, 3942F660, 3942FG61, 3942F662, 3942F663, 3942F670, 3942F671, 3942F672, 3942F680, 3942F681, 3942F690, 3942FG91, 3942F700, 3942F710, 3942F711, 3942F720, 3942F730, 3942F750, 3942F751, 3942F760, 3942F761, 3942F762, 3942F771, 3942F772, 3942F781, 3942F782, 3942F791, 3942F792, 3942F800, 3942F810, 3942F820, 3942F821, 3942F830, 3942F831, 3942F840, 3942F841, 3942F850, 3942F851, 3942F860, 3942F861, 3942F870, 3942F871, 3942F880, 3942F881, 3942F890, 3942F891, 3942F900, 3942F901, 3942F910, 3942F911, 3942F920, 3942F921, 3942F930, 3942F931, 3942F932, 3942F933, 3942F940, 3942F941, 3942F942, 3942F943, 3942F950, 3942F960, 3942F961, 3942F970, 3942F980N, 3942F990N, 3942F990X, 3942F991N, 3942F991X, 3942F992N, 3942F993N, 3942F993X, 3942F994N, 3943F000N, 3943F010N, 3943F020N, 3943F030N, 3943F040N, 3943F041N, 3943F060N, 3943F070N, 3943F080N, 3943F081N, 3943F090N, 3943F100N, 3943F121N, 3943F122N, 3943F130N, 3943F140N, 3943F160N, 3943F170N, 3943F180N, 3943F190N, 3943F191N, 3943F200N, 3943F210N, 3943F270N, 3943F290N, 3943F310N, 3943F320N, 3943F350N, 39G2F031, 39G2F033, 3962F040, 3962F041, 3962F042, 39G2F043, 39G2F050, 3962F051, 3962F052, 39G2F060, 3962F061, 39G2F0G2, 8860A020, 8860A030, 8860A070W, 8860A090W, 8860A100W, 8860A110G, 8860A110W, 8860A120W, 8860A121W, 8860A130W, 8860A140W, 8860A150W, 8860A170G, 8860A170T, 8860A180W, 8860A181W, 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C3268F440, C3268F760, C3269F150, C3269F910, C3362F010, C3362F050, C3432F230, C3432F480, C3432F530, C3442F510, C3443F140, C3443F150, C3462F190, C3462F240, C3462F340, V3238F050, V3342F771, V3342F780, V3343F380, V3642F300, V3642F320, V3642F450

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