Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS governor spring 7123-898H


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS governor spring 7123-898H


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS governor spring 7123-898H

This is a genuine OEM Delphi part

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A090W, 8920A091W, 8920A092W, 8920A093W, 8920A094W, 8920A095W, 8920A09EW, 8920A097W, 8920A120W, 8920A121W, 8920A122W, 8920A123W, 8920A124W, 8920A125W, 8920A12EW, 8920A127W, 8920A129W, 8920A230W, 8920A231W, 8320A232W, 8320A233W, 8920A234W, 8920A237W, 8320A250W, 8920A251W, 8320A252W, 8320A253W, 8920A254W, 8320A255W, 8920A25EW, 8920A25AV, 8920A261W, 8920A262W, 8920A263W, 892CA284W, 8920A265W, 8920A266W, 8922A000T, 8922A001T, 8922A001T, 8922A00TY, 8922A002T, 8922A002Y, 8922A003T, 8920A008T, 8322A004T, 8922A004Y, 8322A005G, 8322A005T, 8322A006G, 8322A320W, 8922A321W, 8920A070W, 8920A071W, 8920A072W, 8920A073W, 8920A074W, 8920A075W, 8920A076W, 8920A080W, 8920A081W, 8920A082W, 8920A083W, 8920A084W, 8920A085W, 8920A100W, 8920A101W, 8920A102W, 8920A103W, 8920A106W, 8920A220W, 8920A221W, 8920A222W, 8920A223W, 8920A224W, 8922A021W, 8922A022W, 8922A023W, 8922A024W, 8922A026W, 8922A030W, 8922A031W, 8922A032W, 8922A033W, 8922A034W, 8922A035W, 8922A036W, 8922A040W, 8922A041W, 8922A042W, 8922A043W, 8922A044W, 8922A046W, 8922A047W, 8922A050W, 8922A051W, 8922A052W, 8922A053W, 8922A080W, 8922A081W, 8922A082W, 8922A083W, 8922A084W, 8922A085W, 8922A090W, 8922A091W, 8922A092W, 8922A093W, 8922A095W, 8922A100W, 8922A101W, 8922A102W, 8922A103W, 8922A110W, 8922A111W, 8922A112W, 8922A113W, 8922A114W, 8922A115W, 9320A452G, 9320A452H, 9320A670W, 9320A671W, 9320A710G, 9320A830G, 9320A830H, 9320A831G, 9320A831H, 9320A890G, 8320A880W, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A180G, 9322A200G, 9322A200H, 9322A230G, 9323A280G, 3230050, 3230060, 3230070, 3230080, 3230120, 3230130, 3230140, 3230160, 3230170, 3230180, 3230180, 3230200, 3230220, 3230230, 3230240, 3230260, 3230270, 3230320, 3230330, 3230331, 3230340, 3230350, 3230360, 3230380, 3230F050, 3230F060, 3230F070, 3230F080, 3230F100, 3230F110, 3230F120, 3230F130, 3230F140, 3230F160, 3230F170, 3230F180, 3230F190, 3230F200, 3230F220, 3230F230, 3230F231, 3230F240, 3230F241, 3230F242, 3230F260, 3230F261, 3230F270, 3230F331, 3230F332, 3230F340, 3230F350, 3230F351, 3230F352, 3230F360, 3230F361, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F390, 3230F391, 3230F400, 3230F410, 3230F420, 3230F421, 3230F440, 3230F480, 3232208, 3232418, 323262SA, 3232F418, 3232F628, 3233F280, 3233F310, 3233F790, 3240738, 3240858, 3240858, 3240F738, 3240F858, 3240F958, 3241080, 3241F060, 3241F380, 3241F780, 3241F850, 3242838, 3242F398, 3243150, 3243180, 3243380, 3243750, 3243770, 3243870, 3243810A, 3243F190, 3243F390, 3243F750, 3243F770, 3243F870, 3243F910, 3248070, 3248730, 3248920, 3248F070, 3248F730, 3248F920, 3249020, 3249130, 3249170, 3249F020, 3249F021, 3249F022, 3249F130, 3249F170, 3260248, 3260258, 3260F218, 3260F248, 3260F258, 3262208, 3262348, 3262398, 3262408, 3262528, 3262568, 3262578, 3262588, 3262688, 3262F348, 3262F568, 3262F578, 3262F588, 3262F688, 3263100, 3263410, 3263411, 3263590, 3263591, 3263F100, 3263F411 , 3263F590, 3263F591, 3268F720, 3268F721, 3268F970, 3268F971 , 3268F972, 3269F680, 3269F920, 3269F921 , 3340F060, 3340F070, 3340F090G, 3340F090T, 3340F090Y, 3340F130, 3340F230G, 3340F230T, 3340F240T, 3340F300G, 3340F350G, 3340F351G, 3340F400G, 3342F870, 3342F990, 3342F991, 3343F170, 3343F171, 3343F172, 3343F280, 3343F281, 3343F290, 3343F620, 3343F621, 3348F170, 3348F460, 3348F461, 3348F462, 3348F511, 3348F512, 3348F790T, 3348F791G, 3348F791P, 3348F791T, 3348F830G, 3348F830T, 3363F350, 3363F351, 3363F352, 3430010, 3430030, 3430040, 3430050, 3430060, 3430070, 3430160, 3430190, 3430F010, 3430F030, 3430F040, 3430F050, 3430F060, 3430F070, 3430F100, 3430F160, 3430F190, 3432020, 3432F020, 3440050, 3440060, 3440F050, 3440F060, 3442150, 3442151, 3442180, 3442280, 3442480, 3442620, 3442970, 3442F150, 3442F151, 3442F180, 3442F280, 3442F480, 3442F620, 3442F970, 3442F970A, 3443370, 3443660, 3443F660, 3443F661 , 3443F662, 3443F820, 3443F821 , 3443F824, 3443F826, 3443F828, 3448F172, 3448F250, 3448F251 , 3448F361, 3462040, 3462091, 3462100, 3462F040, 3462F091 , 3462F100, 3462F103, 3462F860G, 3530F040, 3562F240, 3630F010, 3632F090, 3640F380W, 3640F390W, 3640F400G, 3640F400T, 3640F410G, 3640F410T, 3640F420G, 3640F420T, 3642F830G, 3642F831G, 3642F860G, 3642F861G, 3642F870G, 3642F871G, 3642F890G, 3642F891G, 3642F930W, 3932F020, 3932F060, 3932F070, 3932F071, 3932F072, 3932F110, 3932F111, 3932F112, 3942F100, 3942F101, 3942F102, 3942F103, 3942F104, 3942F220, 3942F221 , 3942F222, 3942F223, 3942F224, 3942F521, 3942F522, 3942F523, 3942F530, 3942F531, 3942F532, 3942F533, 3942F630, 3942F631, 3942F632, 3942F633, 3943F210N, 3943F320N, SS60A040, 886CA260V7, 886CA281W, 888CA320K, 8860M320V, 8860A431W, 8861A240W, 8861A330W, C3230F070, C3230F270, C3230F280, C3230F350, C3280F218, C3443F828, C3448F172, R3230050, R3230070, R3230200, R3230220, R3230F050, R3230F070, R3230F200, R3230F220, R3240958, R3240F958, R3430100, R3430F060, R3442970, R3442F970, V3232F628, 3520A160A, 852CA220A, 852CA260A, 8520A330A, 8520A500A, 8520A501 A, 8520A840A, 8520A930A, 8520A931A, 8520A932A, 8520A932A, 8520A980A, 8520A981A, 8520A962A, 8520A982A, 8520A984A, 8520A964G, 8520A965G, 8523A980A, 8523A160A, 8523A161A, 8529A162A, 8523A340A, 8523A341A, 8529A342A, 8529A360A, 8523A361A, 8529A362H, 8529A363H, 8524A040A, 8524A041A, 8524A041T, 8524A400W


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