Lucas CAV DPA, DP310 and DPS governor spring 7123-094H


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP310 and DPS pumps


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP310 and DPS pumps. 7123-094H

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A720W, 8920A721W, 8920A722W, 8920A723W, 8920A724W, 8920A72EW, 8920A729W, 8925A370W, 9320A250W, 9320A251K, 9320A251W, 9320A252K, 9320A252V7, 9320A253K, 9320A253W, 9320A261K, 9320A261W, 9320A262K, 9320A262W, 9320A263K, 9320A263W, 9320A302K, 9320A302W, 9320A303K, 9320A303W, 9320A304K, 9320A304W, 9323A070W, 9323A080W, 9323A170H, 3042F690, 3230000, 3232148, 3232158, 3232168, 3232178, 3232218, 3232308, 3232378, 3232518, 3232698, 3232718, 3232748, 3232768, 3232778, 3232878, 3232F208, 3232F308, 3232F768, 3232F878, 3233010, 3233040, 3233110, 3233130, 3233140, 3233190, 3233340, 3233360, 3233400, 3233F010, 3233F040, 3233F110, 3233F111, 3233F130, 3233F131, 3233F140, 3233F141, 3233F200, 3233F210, 3233F340, 3233F341, 3233F360, 3233F361, 3233F400, 3233F401, 3238F210, 3238F211, 3238F220, 3238F221, 3238F240, 3238F240G, 3238F241, 3238F241G, 3238F250, 3238F251, 3238F260, 3238F261, 3238F262, 3238F480, 3238F481, 3238F500, 3238F500G, 3238F501, 3238F501G, 3238F820, 3239F360, 3240010, 3240011, 3240012, 3240013, 3240015, 3241F481, 3241F482, 3241F483, 3242107, 3242108, 3242286, 3242287, 3242645, 3242646, 3242707, 3248570, 3248F570, 3248F480, 3248F480, 3248F710, 3248F711, 3248F820, 3248F821, 3248F850, 3248F851, 3263720, 3263730, 3263F720, 3263F730, 3268130, 3268140, 3268F130, 3268F140, 3268F340, 3268F470, 3268F471, 3268F650, 3268F652, 3268F740, 3269F741, 3269F770, 3269F771, 3269F840, 3269F841, 3340F041, 3340F042, 3340F043, 3340F110T, 3340F120, 3340F160, 3340F161, 3340F200T, 3340F201T, 3340F202T, 3342F020, 3342F030, 3342F330, 3342F390, 3342F400, 3342F450, 3342F940, 3343F630, 3343F631, 3343F670, 3343F840, 3348F470, 3348F471, 3348F800G, 3348F800H, 3348F800P, 3348F800T, 3362F020, 3362F021, 3362F023, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F420, 3362F421, 3362F480, 3362F481, 3362F482, 3363F000, 3363F001, 3363F002, 3363F090, 3363F091, 3363F150, 3363F220, 3363F221, 3363F460, 3363F461, 3363F462, 3462050, 3462F050, 3462F051, 3462F052, 3462F053, 3462F093, 3542F440, 3662F510, 3942F040, 3942F041, R3232208, R3462051, V3248F570, 8520A090A, 8520A1O0A, 8520A140A, 8520A170A, 8520A320A, 8520A321A, 8520A400A, 8520A410A, 8520A420A, 8520A430A, 8520A460A, 8520A550A, 8520A680A, 8520A710A, 8520A711A, 8520A712A, 8520A713A, 8520A714A, 8520A720A, 8520A721A, 8520A730A, 8520A731A, 8520A740A, 8520A741A, 8520A742A, 8520A780A, 8520A781A, 8520A782A, 8520A783A, 8520A780A, 8520A781A, 8520A782A, 8520A783A, 8520A800A, 8520A801A, 8520A802A, 8520A803A, 8520A810A, 8520A811A, 8520A812A, 8520A813A, 8520A820A, 8520A821A, 8520A822A, 8520A860A, 8520A861A, 8520A862A, 8520A940A, 8520A841A, 8520A842A, 8520A843A, 8521A070A, 8521A120A, 8521A470A, 8521A471A, 8521A472A, 8521A473A, 8521A480A, 8521A481A, 8521A510A, 8521A511A, 8521A512A, 8521A513G, 8521A570A, 8521A571A, 8521A572A, 8521A573A, 8521A580A, 8521A581A, 8521A582G, 8521A642A, 8521A643G, 8521A660A, 8521A660R, 8521A66CK, 8521A661R, 8521A661X, 8521A662K, 8521A662R, 8521A662W, 8521A662X, 8521A663W, 8521A720A, 8521A820A, 8521A821A, 8521A822A, 8521A823G, 8522A000A, 8522A010A, 8522A020A, 8522A050A, 8522A060A, 8522A070A, 8522A080A, 8522A080A, 8522A091A, 8522A092A, 8522A093A, 8522A094A, 8522A1O0A, 8522A110A, 8522A140A, 8522A141A, 8522A142A, 8522A150A, 8522A151A, 8522A152A, 8522A160A, 8522A161A, 8522A162A, 8522A163A, 8522A170A, 8522A171A, 8522A172A, 8523A150A, 8523A151A, 8528A200A, 8523A590T, 8523A591T, 8523A592T, 8523A593G, 8523A593T, 8523A594G, 8523A68CK, 8523A682W, 8523A920T, 8523A921G, 8523A922G, 8524A043T, 8524A044G, 8524A044P, 8524A044T



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