Lucas CAV DPA fuel outlet banjo bolt pressurising valve 7180-360


Banjo bolt pressurising valve for some DPA pumps.

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This is a replacement banjo bolt pressurising valve to fit some DPA pumps

A standard banjo bolt is also available HERE

Fits the following pumps:

3239F230W, 3239F240W, 3348F240, 3348F700W, 3348F710W, 3348F720W, 3363F530, 3430F181, 3432F730, 3432F790, 3432F800, 3432F820, 3432F900, 3432F950, 3432F951, 3432F970, 3432F980, 3433F010, 3433F020, 3443F102, 3443F111, 3443F531, 3443F532, 3443F892, 3443F893, 3443F910, 3443F950, 3443F970, 3448F032, 3448F1G0, 3448F210, 3448F220, 3448F230, 3448F280, 3448F310, 3448F320, 3448F321, 3448F380, 3448F390, 3462F312, 3462F350, 34G2F640, 3462F742, 3462F743, 3462F752, 3462F753, 3462F920, 3469F032, 3469F033, 3469F042, 3469F043

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