CAV DPA pump driveshaft outer seals (pair)


This is the quill shaft oil seals fitted to CAV DPA hydraulically governed pump sold in pairs



These are the quill shaft oil seals fitted to CAV DPA pumps sold in pairs

CAV DPA fuel pumps were fitted to many engines during the 1960’s and 70’s including those in the list below…

3246197 3246237 3246557 3246697 3246727 3246747 3246807 3246817 3246837 3246847 3246857 3246867 3246877 3246887 3246889C 3246907 3246917 3246927 3246937 3246939C 3246957 3246959C 3246967 3246977 3246987 3246997 3246D197 3246D237 3246D557 3246D697 3246D727 3246D747 3246D807 3246D837 3246D847 3246D857 3246D887 3246D907 3246D917 3246D927 3246D957 3246D967 3246D977 3246D987 3246D997 3246E557 3246E727 3246E747 3246E807 3246E817 3246E837 3246E847 3246E857 3246E877 3246E887 3246E889 3246E917 3246E939 3246E957 3246E959 3246E967 3246E977 3246E987 3246F199 3246F237 3246F557 3246F697 3246F727 3246F747 3246F807 3246F837 3246F847 3246F857 3246F889 3246F907 3246F917 3246F927 3246F957 3246F967 3246F977 3246F997 3247010 3247020 3247030C 3247D010 3247D030 3247D040 3247D050 3247D060 3247D070 3247F010 3247F031 3247F040 3247F060 3247F071 3247F080 3247F090 3247F100 3247F101 3247F110 3247F120 3247F131 3247F150 3247F151 3247F160 3247F161 3247F162 3247F170 3247F180 3247F190 3247F200 3247F210 3247F220 3247F221 3247F230 3247F240 3247F250 3247F260 3247F261 3247F270 3247F271 3247F272 3247F280 3247F290 3247F310 3247F311 3247F320 3247F321 3247F330 3247F331 3247F340 3247F350 3247F371 3247F390 3247F400 3247F401 3247F410 3247F411 3247F412 3264077 3264107 3264D077 3264D107 3264F107 3266317 3266437 3266518 3266549 3266728 3266D589 3266E317 3266E437 3266E589 3266F317 3266F589 3266F608 C3246E697 C3246E907 C3246E927 C3246E937 C3246E997 C3247E030 C3247E031 C3264E077 C3264E107 C3264E107