Lucas CAV DPA top governor control cover. 7180-873A


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Part number: 7180-873A

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This is a top governor control cover for mechanically governed DPA pumps. We need your pump number or some good photos of your existing cover as there are many variations that are slightly different.

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 5 day lead time for this part

Equivalent to:

7123-785A, 7123-785K

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3233F590, 3233F591, 3260258, 3260268, 3260278, 3260288, 3260298, 3260308, 3260318, 3260338, 3260F258, 3260F268, 3260F278, 3260F279, 3260F288, 3260F289, 3260F298, 3260F308, 3260F309, 3260F318, 3260F319, 3260F338, 3260F348, 3260F358, 3260F388, 3260F398, 3260F428, 3260F429, 3260F438, 3260F450, 3260F451, 3260F460, 3260F461, 3262148, 3262448, 3262458, 3262468, 3262478, 3262488, 3262548, 3262588, 3262688, 3262718, 3262728, 3262738, 3262758, 3262768, 3262818, 3262858, 3262868, 3262878, 3262888, 3262808, 3262828, 3262848, 3262868, 3262878, 3262F148, 3262F448, 3262F468, 3262F478, 3262F548, 3262F598, 3262F698, 3262F718, 3262F728, 3262F758, 3262F768, 3262F818, 3262F858, 3262F868, 3262F878, 3262F878, 3262F888, 3262F888, 3262F888, 3262F808, 3262F828, 3262F848, 3262F868, 3263030, 3263040, 3263080, 3263081, 3263140, 3263141C, 3263170, 3263171, 3263180, 3263181, 3263180, 3263181, 3263210, 3263211, 3263311, 3263520, 3263521, 3263621, 3263650, 3263670, 3263680, 3263680, 3263720, 3263730, 3263780, 3263860, 3263880, 3263F030, 3263F040, 3263F091, 3263F141, 3263F211, 3263F212, 3263F311, 3263F521, 3263F600, 3263F621, 3263F650, 3263F670, 3263F680, 3263F690, 3263F720, 3263F730, 3263F780, 3263F860, 3263F990, 3268010, 3268110, 3268120, 3268130, 3268140, 3268150, 3268170, 3268280, 3268281, 3268290, 3268291, 3268300, 3268301, 3268320, 3268370, 3268580, 3268700, 3268F010, 3268F011, 3268F110, 3268F120, 3268F130, 3268F140, 3268F150, 3268F151, 3268F170, 3268F280, 3268F281, 3268F282, 3268F283, 3268F290, 3268F291, 3268F292, 3268F300, 3268F301, 3268F302, 3268F310, 3268F311, 3268F320, 3268F321, 3268F330, 3268F340, 3268F370, 3268F371, 3268F470, 3268F471, 3268F480, 3268F481, 3268F490, 3268F570, 3268F571, 3268F572, 3268F580, 3268F581, 3268F650, 3268F651, 3268F690, 3268F700, 3268F701, 3268F720, 3268F721, 3268F730, 3268F740, 3268F750, 3268F751, 3268F760, 3268F820, 3268F821, 3268F850, 3268F860, 3268F861, 3268F870, 3268F940, 3268F941, 3268F950, 3268F960, 3268F970, 3268F971, 3268F972, 3268F990, 3269F140, 3269F141, 3269F150, 3269F160, 3269F161, 3269F180, 3269F350, 3269F360, 3269F361, 3269F390, 3269F430, 3269F460, 3269F461, 3269F480, 3269F481, 3269F570, 3269F571, 3269F572, 3269F580, 3269F581, 3269F590, 3269F591, 3269F600, 3269F620, 3269F640, 3269F650, 3269F660, 3269F680, 3269F730, 3269F790, 3269F791, 3269F820, 3269F821, 3269F830, 3269F840, 3269F841, 3269F850, 3269F870, 3269F871, 3269F890, 3269F900, 3269F910, 3269F911, 3269F912, 3269F913, 3269F914, 3269F920, 3269F921, 3269F930, 3269F940, 3269F941, 3269F942, 3269F950, 3269F951, 3269F952, 3269F953, 3269F954, 3269F960, 3269F961, 3269F962, 3269F963, 3269F964, 3269F970, 3269F971, 3269F972, 3269F973, 3269F980, 3269F981, 3269F982, 3269F983, 3269F990, 3362F000, 3362F010, 3362F012, 3362F013, 3362F014, 3362F020, 3362F021, 3362F022, 3362F023, 3362F040, 3362F041, 3362F042, 3362F043, 3362F050, 3362F051, 3362F052, 3362F053, 3362F060, 3362F061, 3362F070, 3362F071, 3362F072, 3362F073, 3362F130, 3362F131, 3362F142, 3362F150, 3362F151, 3362F160, 3362F161, 3362F162, 3362F130, 3362F210, 3362F211, 3362F212, 3362F213, 3362F240, 3362F241, 3362F242, 3362F243, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F290, 3362F291, 3362F293, 3362F300, 3362F302, 3362F310, 3362F311, 3362F312, 3362F320, 3362F330, 3362F350, 3362F351, 3362F352, 3362F353, 3362F360, 3362F361, 3362F362, 3362F370, 3362F371, 3362F372, 3362F380 3362F381 3362F382 3362F380 3362F381 3362F410 3362F411 3362F420 3362F421 3362F430 3362F431 3362F440 3362F441 3362F442 3362F450 3362F451 3362F452 3362F460 3362F461 3362F480 3362F481 3362F482 3362F480 3362F481 3362F500 3362F501 3362F502 3362F510 3362F511 3362F530 3362F531 3362F532 3362F650 3362F671 3362F672, 3362F680, 3362F680, 3362F681, 3362F682, 3362F700, 3362F732, 3362F733, 3362F734, 3362F735, 3362F741, 3362F742, 3362F743, 3362F752, 3362F753, 3362F754, 3362F760, 3362F761, 3362F762, 3362F763, 3362F764, 3362F765, 3362F780, 3362F781, 3362F782, 3362F783, 3362F784, 3362F800, 3362F801, 3362F820, 3362F821, 3362F822, 3362F823, 3362F824, 3362F830, 3362F831, 3362F832, 3362F833, 3362F834, 3362F840, 3362F841, 3362F860, 3362F863, 3362F864, 3362F865, 3362F870, 3362F871, 3362F872, 3362F880, 3362F881, 3362F880, 3362F881, 3362F820, 3362F821, 3362F830, 3362F831, 3362F881, 3363F000, 3363F001, 3363F002, 3363F030, 3363F031, 3363F050, 3363F051, 3363F052, 3363F060, 3363F061, 3363F062, 3363F070, 3363F071, 3363F080, 3363F081, 3363F080, 3363F081, 3363F100, 3363F101, 3363F120, 3363F121, 3363F140, 3363F141, 3363F142, 3363F150, 3363F151, 3363F152, 3363F153, 3363F154, 3363F170, 3363F171, 3363F172, 3363F180, 3363F181, 3363F200, 3363F210, 3363F211, 3363F220, 3363F221, 3363F230, 3363F231, 3363F250, 3363F251, 3363F260, 3363F261, 3363F280, 3363F281, 3363F282, 3363F320, 3363F330, 3363F331, 3363F340, 3363F341, 3363F342, 3363F350, 3363F351, 3363F352, 3363F360, 3363F361, 3363F370, 3363F371, 3363F380, 3363F381, 3363F410, 3363F411, 3363F460, 3363F461, 3363F462, 3363F580, 3363F581, 3363F600, 3363F700, 3363F750, 3363F760, 3363F761, 3363F780, 3363F830, 3363F840, 3369F120, 3369F240, 3369F250, 3369F251, 3369F260T, 3369F261G, 3660F210, 3662F430, 3662F431, 3662F470, 3662F480, 3662F481, 3662F490, 3662F491, 3662F500, 3662F501, 3662F510, 3662F520, 3662F540, 3662F541, 3662F542W, 3662F610, 3662F611, 3662F620, 3662F630, 3662F700, 3662F710, 3662F720, 3662F730, 3662F731, 3662F740, 3662F741, 3662F790, 3662F801, 3662F810, 3662F830, 3662F840, 3662F850, 3662F880, 3662F930, 3663F030W, 3663F040W, 3663F050W, P3268F871, V3260F278, V3262F888, V3268F010, V3268F160, V3269F570, V3269F911, V3268F850, V3268F870, V3269F980

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