Lucas/Delphi DES DP200/DP210/DP310 fuel injection pump top boost diaphragm kit. Genuine Delphi


Lucas/Delphi DP200 fuel injection pump repair kit


Lucas/Delphi DES DP200/DP210/DP310 fuel injection pump top boost diaphragm kit commonly fitted to industrial Perkins engines in JCB or John Deere

This is a genuine OEM kit. If you prefer a cheaper quality aftermarket kit these are available HERE

The side boost diaphragm kit is also available HERE

Fits the following pumps:

8920A421W, 8920A338G, 8920A140T, 8920A141T, 8920A142P, 8920A142T, 8920A143P, 8920A143T, 8920A144P, 8920A337G, 9521A030H, 9521A050G, 9521A050H, 9521A070G, 9521A080H, 9522A053G, 9520A881G, 9520A890G, 9520A891G, 9520A900G, 9520A901G, 9521A010G, 9521A010H, 9521A020G, 9521A020H, 9520A452G, 9520A453G, 9520A463G, 9520A471G, 9520A472G, 9520A473G, 9520A474G, 9520A480G, 9520A782W, 9520A783W, 9520A421G, 9520A422G, 9520A423G, 9520A424G, 9520A431G, 9520A432G, 9520A433G, 9520A442G, 9520A443G, 9520A444G, 9520A394G, 9520A402G, 9520A403G, 9520A404G, 9520A412G, 9520A413G, 9520A324H, 9520A352G, 9520A353G, 9520A354G, 9520A371G, 9520A372G, 9323A750G, 9323A750H, 9323A751H, 9323A752G, 9323A752H, 9360A000W, 9520A321H, 9323A280H, 9323A281G, 9323A282G, 9323A282H, 9323A283G, 9323A283H, 9323A340G, 9323A240G, 9323A232G, 9323A260G, 9323A261G, 9323A262G, 9323A270G, 9323A270H, 9323A271G, 9323A271H, 9323A272G, 9323A090W, 9323A100W, 9323A102W, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A200G, 9323A200H, 9323A220G, 9323A230G, 9320A890G, 9320A892G, 9320A980W, 9320A981W, 9320A990W, 9320A991W, 9322A210G, 9323A040G, 9323A041G, 9323A042G, 9320A661W, 9320A670W, 9320A671W, 9320A700E, 9320A710G, 9320A820W, 9320A830G, 9320A830H, 9320A831G, 9320A831H, 9320A610G, 9320A611G, 9320A612G, 9320A613G, 9320A620G, 9320A621G, 9320A622G, 9320A623G, 9320A623H, 9320A660W, 9320A584H, 9320A600G, 9320A600H, 9320A601G, 9320A602G, 9320A602H, 9320A603H, 9320A604G, 9320A604H, 9320A541H, 9320A542G, 9320A542H, 9320A543G, 9320A543H, 9320A545H, 9320A580G, 9320A580H, 9320A582H, 9320A532H, 9320A533G, 9320A533H, 9320A534G, 9320A534H, 9320A535G, 9320A535H, 9320A483H, 9320A484G, 9320A484H, 9320A485G, 9320A485H, 9320A500G, 9320A501G, 9320A471G, 9320A472G, 9320A480G, 9320A480H, 9320A481G, 9320A481H, 9320A424G, 9320A425G, 9320A440G, 9320A441G, 9320A442G, 9320A442H, 9320A401H, 9320A402G, 9320A402H, 9320A403G, 9320A403H, 9320A404G, 9320A404H, 9320A385G, 9320A390G, 9320A391G, 9320A392G, 9320A393G, 9320A394G, 9320A395G, 9320A396G, 9320A344G, 9320A345G, 9320A346G, 9320A347G, 9320A348G, 9320A349G, 9320A380G, 9320A381G, 9320A382G, 9320A303W, 9320A304K, 9320A304W, 9320A305W, 9320A306K, 9320A306W, 9320A340G, 9320A341G, 9320A29SK, 9320A295W, 9320A296K, 9320A296W, 9320A300W, 9320A301W, 9320A302K, 9320A302W, 9320A285K, 9320A286K, 9320A290W, 9320A291W, 9320A292K, 9320A292W, 9320A293K, 9320A293W, 9320A273K, 9320A273W, 9320A275K, 9320A280K, 9320A282K, 9320A282W, 9320A283K, 9320A283W, 9320A214H, 9320A215G, 9320A215H, 9320A216G, 9320A216H, 9320A217G, 9320A217H, 9320A271K, 9320A271W, 9320A205G, 9320A205H, 9320A210G, 9320A210H, 9320A211G, 9320A211H, 9320A212G, 9320A212H, 9320A213G, 9320A213H, 9320A196H, 9320A197G, 9320A200G, 9320A200H, 9320A201G, 9320A201H, 9320A202G, 9320A202H, 9320A203G, 9320A203H, 9320A191G, 9320A192G, 9320A192H, 9320A193G, 9320A193H, 9320A194G, 9320A194H, 9320A195G, 9320A195H, 9320A196G, 9320A184G, 9320A184H, 9320A185G, 9320A185H, 9320A186G, 9320A186H, 9320A187G, 9320A187H, 9320A190G, 9320A190H, 9320A110H, 9320A111G, 9320A111H, 9320A180G, 9320A180H, 9320A181G, 9320A182G, 9320A182H, 9320A183G, 9320A183H, 9320A093G, 9320A093H, 9320A095G, 9320A095H, 9320A096G, 9320A096H, 9320A097H, 9320A100G, 9320A100H, 9320A110G, 9320A080G, 9320A081G, 9320A082G, 9320A083G, 9320A084G, 9320A085G, 9320A090G, 9320A090H, 9320A092G, 9320A092H, 9320A050H, 9320A051G, 9320A070G, 9320A071G, 9320A072G, 9320A073G, 9320A074G, 9320A075G, 9320A076G, 9320A077G, 8925A331H, 8925A350G, 8925A360W, 8925A370W, 8925A380W, 9320A040G, 9320A040H, 9320A050G, 8925A283G, 8925A291T, 8925A300H, 8925A301H, 8925A310H, 8925A311H, 8925A320T, 8925A321T, 8925A214G, 8925A215G, 8925A231G, 8925A232G, 8925A240G, 8925A241G, 8925A242G, 8925A243G, 8925A244G, 8925A171G, 8925A172G, 8925A175G, 8925A191G, 8925A192G, 8925A195G, 8925A201G, 8925A202G, 8925A203G, 8925A205G, 8924A511G, 8924A512G, 8924A530G, 8924A530H, 8925A150H, 8925A151H, 8925A152H, 8925A154H, 8925A155H, 8925A170G, 8923A424E, 8923A425E, 8923A426E, 8923A520T, 8923A522G, 8923A522T, 8923A523G, 8923A524G, 8923A526G, 8923A510G, 8923A392G, 8923A393G, 8923A394G, 8923A395G, 8923A396G, 8923A420F, 8923A420E, 8923A421E, 8923A422E, 8923A423E, 8923A094G, 8923A095G, 8923A096G, 8923A097G, 8923A098G, 8923A099G, 8923A100T, 8923A101G, 8923A320T, 8923A321G, 8923A097G, 8923A098G, 8923A099G, 8923A100T, 8923A101G, 8923A320T, 8923A321G, 8923A067G, 8923A068G, 8923A090T, 8923A091T, 8923A092T, 8923A093G, 8923A093T, 8923A036G, 8923A037G, 8923A060P, 8923A060T, 8923A061T, 8923A062G, 8923A062T, 8923A063G, 8921A923G, 8921A924G, 8921A925G, 8921A927G, 8923A030T, 8923A031T, 8923A032G, 8923A032T, 8923A033G, 8921A897H, 8921A900P, 8921A900T, 8921A905H, 8921A907H, 8921A910P, 8921A910T, 8921A920T, 8921A921G, 8921A921T, 8921A892G, 8921A892H, 8921A893G, 8921A893H, 8921A894G, 8921A894H, 8921A895G, 8921A895H, 8921A896G, 8921A897G, 8921A882G, 8921A883G, 8921A884G, 8921A887G, 8921A890P, 8921A890T, 8921A891G, 8921A891H, 8921A891P, 8921A891T, 8921A821W, 8921A822W, 8921A823W, 8921A824W, 8921A826W, 8921A827W, 8921A880P, 8921A880T, 8921A881G, 8921A750T, 8921A751G, lt.921A75, 8921A752G, 8921A753G, 8921A754G, 8921A755G, 8921A756G, 8921A780T, 8921A820W, 8921A517H, 8921A518G, 8921A518H, 8921A519G, 8921A519H, 8921A520P, 8921A520T, 8921A530P, 8921A530T, 8921A750P, 8921A513P, 8921A513T, 8921A514G, 8921A514H, 8921A514P, 8921A514T, 8921A515G, 8921A515H, 8921A516G, 8921A517G, 8921A491P, 8921A491T, 8921A492P, 8921A492T, 8921A510P, 8921A510T, 8921A511P, 8921A511T, 8921A512P, 8921A512T, 8921A415P, 8921A415T, 8921A416G, 8921A416P, 8921A416T, 8921A417G, 8921A418G, 8921A419G, 8921A490P, 8921A490T, 8921A263T, 8921A410T, 8921A411P, 8921A411T, 8921A412P, 8921A412T, 8921A413P, 8921A413T, 8921A414P, 8920A956G, 8920A959G, 8920A960P, 8920A960T, 8921A260T, 8921A261P, 8921A261T, 8921A262P, 8921A262T, 8921A263P, 8920A950T, 8920A951P, 8920A951T, 8920A952P, 8920A952T, 8920A953H, 8920A953T, 8920A954G, 8920A954H, 8920A955G, 8920A913G, 8920A914G, 8920A915G, 8920A940P, 8920A940T, 8920A941P, 8920A941T, 8920A942P, 8920A942T, 8920A950P, 8920A907G, 8920A907H, 8920A908G, 8920A908H, 8920A910P, 8920A910T, 8920A911P, 8920A911T, 8920A912G, 8920A902H, 8920A902P, 8920A902T, 8920A903G, 8920A903H, 8920A904G, 8920A904H, 8920A905G, 8920A905H, 8920A826H, 8920A827G, 8920A827H, 8920A828G, 8920A829G, 8920A829H, 8920A900P, 8920A900T, 8920A901P, 8920A901T, 8920A822T, 8920A823G, 8920A823H, 8920A823P, 8920A823T, 8920A824G, 8920A824H, 8920A825G, 8920A825H, 8920A826G, 8920A813G, 8920A815G, 8920A816G, 8920A817G, 8920A819G, 8920A820P, 8920A820T, 8920A821P, 8920A821T, 8920A822P, 8920A808G, 8920A808H, 8920A809G, 8920A809H, 8920A810P, 8920A810T, 8920A811P, 8920A811T, 8920A812P, 8920A812T, 8920A803P, 8920A803T, 8920A804G, 8920A804H, 8920A805G, 8920A805H, 8920A806G, 8920A806H, 8920A807G, 8920A807H, 8920A799G, 8920A799H, 8920A800P, 8920A800T, 8920A801P, 8920A801T, 8920A802P, 8920A802T, 8920A803G, 8920A803H, 8920A793P, 8920A792T, 8920A793T, 8920A794G, 8920A794H, 8920A795G, 8920A795H, 8920A796G, 8920A796H, 8920A797G, 8920A798G ,8920A580T, 8920A583G, 8920A562H, 8920A428W, 8920A390T, 8920A382P, 8920A382T, 8920A375G, 8920A375H, 8920A376G, 8920A360W, 8920A361W, 8920A362W, 8920A363W, 8920A339H, 8920A360W, 8920A361W, 8920A362W, 8920A363W, 8920A335G, 8920A335H, 8920A335P, 8920A335T, 8920A336G, 8920A336H, 8920A247T, 8920A249T, 8920A330T, 8920A331P, 8920A331T, 8920A332P, 8920A332T, 8920A175H, 8920A175P, 8920A176H, 8920A177H, 8920A179H, 8920A240T, 8920A242T, 8920A163P, 8920A164P, 8920A165P, 8920A166H, 8920A167H, 8920A169H, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A154T, 8920A155P, 8920A155T, 8920A156P, 8920A156T, 8920A157G, 8920A158G, 8920A159G, 8920A160P, 8920A161P, 8920A144T, 8920A145P, 8920A145T, 8920A146T, 8920A147T, 8920A150T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8920A154P, 8920A581T

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