Lucas Delphi DP200, DP210 and DP310 torque trim adjuster 7189-362


Lucas Delphi DP200, DP210 and DP310 torque trim adjuster 7189-362

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Lucas Delphi DP200, DP210 and DP310 torque trim adjuster 7189-362

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Fits the following pumps:

8920A689W, 8920A696G, 8920A799H, 8920A829G, 8921A777G, 8922A410W, 8923A037G, 8924A530H, 8924A550W, 8925A145H, 8925A205G, 8925A215G, 8925A244G, 8925A301H, 9320A024G, 9320A025G, 9320A074G, 9320A075G, 9320A084G, 9320A085G, 9320A095G, 9320A095H, 9320A151G, 9320A154G, 9320A154H, 9320A155G, 9320A155H, 9320A195G, 9320A195H, 9320A205G, 9320A205H, 9320A214G, 9320A214H, 9320A215G, 9320A215H, 9320A224G, 9320A225G, 9320A234G, 9320A244G, 9320A253K, 9320A253W, 9320A263K, 9320A263W, 9320A273K, 9320A273W, 9320A2S4K, 9320A284W, 9320A294K, 9320A294W, 9320A304K, 9320A304W, 9320A345G, 9320A346G, 9320A354G, 9320A355G, 9320A356G, 9320A3S3G, 9320A393G, 9320A394G, 9320A402G, 9320A402H, 9320A403G, 9320A403H, 9320A422G, 9320A423G, 9320A433G, 9320A443G, 9320A471G, 9320A472G, 9320A482G, 9320A482H, 9320A483G, 9320A483H, 9320A532G, 9320A532H, 9320A533G, 9320A533H, 9320A542G, 9320A542H, 9320A543G, 9320A543H, 9320A582H, 9320A590G, 9320A601G, 9320A602G, 9320A613G, 9320A623G, 9320A623H, 9320A651G, 9320A652G, 9320A660W, 9320A661W, 9320A670W, 9320A671W, 9320A71OG, 9320A720G, 9320A730G, 9320A830G, 9320A830H, 9320AS31G, 9320AS31H, 9320A880G, 9320A890G, 9322A022G, 9322A023G, 9322A032G, 9322A033G, 9322A042G, 9322A043G, 9322A052G, 9322A053G, 9322A100G, 9322A120G, 9322A121G, 9322A122G, 9322A150G, 9322A151G, 9322A152G, 9322A160G, 9322A161G, 9322A200G, 9322A210G, 9322A220G, 9322A230G, 9323A010G, 9323A020G, 9323A030G, 9323A040G, 9323A060G, 9323A070V7, 9323A080V7, 9323A090V7, 9323A100W, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A170H, 9323A200G, 9323A200H, 9323A230G, 9323A240G, 9323A250G, 9323A260G, 9323A270G, 9323A270H, 9323A280G, 9323A300G, 9323A310G, 9520A000G, 9520A001G, 9520A002G, 9520A010G, 9520A020G, 9520A030G, 9520A040G, 9520A050G, 9520A060G, 9520A070G, 9520A071G, 9520A080G, 9520A090G, 9520A100G, 9520A101G, 9520A110G, 9520A111G, 9520A121G, 9520A121H, 9520A130G, 9520A140G, 9520A150G, 9520A151G, 9520A160G, 9520A180G, 9520A181G, 9520A190G, 9520A191G, 9520A200G, 9520A201G, 9520A230G, 9520A230H, 9520A290G, 9520A300G, 9520A300H, 9520A310G, 9520A310H, 9520A320G, 9520A320H, 9520A330G, 9520A350G, 9522A000G, 9522A01OG, 9522A020G, 9522A030G


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