Lucas Delphi DP200 main driveshaft 7135-492J


This is the main driveshaft for Lucas Delphi DP200 pump 7135-492J

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This is the main driveshaft for Lucas Delphi DP200 pump 7135-492J

Item 117 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A124W, 8920A125W, 8920A12EW, 8920A127W, 8920A140T, 8920A141T, 8920A142P, 8920A142T, 8920A143P, 8920A143T, 8920A144P, 8920A144T, 8920A145P, 8920A145T, 8920A146T, 8920A147T, 8920A150T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8920A154P, 8920A154T, 8920A155P, 8920A155T, 8920A156P, 8920A156T, 8920A157G, 8920A158G, 8920A159G, 8920A160P, 8920A161P, 8920A162P, 8920A163P, 8920A164P, 8920A165P, 8920A166H, 8920A167H, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A173P, 8920A174P, 8920A175H, 8920A175P, 8920A176H, 8920A177H, 8920A185W, 8920A186W, 8920A187W, 8920A195R, 8920A195W, 8920A196K, 8920A197W, 8920A200R, 8920A200W, 8920A201R, 8920A201W, 8920A202R, 8920A202W, 8920A203R, 8920A203W, 8920A204R, 8920A204W, 8920A205K, 8920A205R, 8920A205W, 8920A215W, 8920A21EW, 8920A240T, 8920A242T, 8920A243T, 8920A244T, 8920A245T, 8920A246T, 8920A247T, 8920A254W, 8920A255V7, 8920A25EW, 8920A257W, 8920A264W, 8920A265W, 8920A266W, 8920A275R, 8920A275W, 8920A276K, 8920A280R, 8920A280W, 8920A281R, 8920A281W, 8920A282R, 8920A282V7, 8920A283K, 8920A283R, 8920A283V7, 8920A290W, 8920A300W, 8920A400W, 8920A410W, 8920A703V7, 8920A704W, 8920A732W, 8920A733W, 8920A741W, 8920A742W, 8920A750W, 8920A751W, 8920A752W, 8920A760W, 8920A761W, 8920A762W, 8920A763W, 8920A770W, 8920A771W, 8920A772W, 8920A780W, 8920A781W, 8920A782W, 8920A783W, 8920A980W, 8920A981W, 8920A982W, 8920A983W, 8920A984W, 8920A990W, 8920A991W, 8920A992W, 8920A993W, 8920A994W, 8923A000W, 8923A001W, 8923A002W, 8923A003W, 8923A013W, 8923A014W, 8923A015W, 8923A022W, 8923A460W, 8923A461W, 8923A470W, 8923A471W, 8923A510W, 8923A511W, 8923A530W, 8923A531W, 8923A540W, 8923A541W, 8923A560K, 8923A560R, 8923A560W, 8923A561K, 8923A561W, 8923A580K, 8923A580W, 8923A581W, 8923A590W, 8923A591W, 8923A600W, 8923A601W, 8923A610W, 8923A611W, 8923A612W, 8923A620W, 8923A630W, 8923A640W, 8923A641W, 8923A650W, 8923A651W, 8923A652W, 8923A660W, 8923A661W, 8923A662W, 8923A670W, 8923A671W, 8923A672W, 8923A680W, 8923A690W, 8923A691W, 8923A700W, 8923A701W, 8923A710W, 8923A711W, 8923A712W, 8923A770W, 8923A771W, 8923A772W, 8923A780W, 8923A781W, 8923A782V7, 8923A790W, 8923A791W, 8923A792W, 8923A800W, 8923A801W, 8923A802W, 8923A810W, 8923A811W, 8923A812W, 8923A820W, 8923A821W, 8923A830W, 8923A840W, 8923A850W, 8923A851W, 8923A860W, 8923A861W, 8923A880W, 8923A881W, 8923A890W, 8923A891W, 8923A900W, 8923A901W, 8923A910W, 8923A911W, 8923A920W, 8923A921W, 8923A930W, 8923A931W, 8923A932W, 8923A940W, 8923A941W, 8923A942W

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