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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring 7139-786K USED

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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring USED

This is a serviceable USED part

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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring USED. Marked 786K

Fits the following pumps:

3243880, 3243F880, 3246997, 3246D997, 3246E997, 3246F997, 3247D010, 3247E010, 3247F010, 3247F170, 3248780, 3248830, 3248840, 3248860, 3248990, 3248F700, 3248F780, 3248F830, 3248F840, 3248F860, 3248F990, 3249000, 3249010, 3249020, 3249030, 3249040, 3249050, 3249170, 3249F000, 3249F001, 3249F002, 3249F010, 3249F011, 3249F020, 3249F021, 3249F022, 3249F030, 3249F031, 3249F032, 3249FQ40, 3249F050, 3249F140, 3249F170, 3249F590, 3249F591, 3249F592, 3249F740, 3249F880, 3342F000, 3342F590, 3342F990, 3342F991, 3343F000, 3343F001, 3343F040, 3343F041, 3343F042, 3343F170, 3343F171, 3343F172, 3343F270, 3343F271, 3343F280, 3343F281, 3343F510, 3343F580, 3343F730, 3343F970, 3440030, 3440F030, 3442830, 3442F759, 3442F789, 3442F799, 3442F830, 3442F889, 3542F520, 3542F521, 3542F610, 3542F611, 3542F613, 3542F700, 3542F840, 3542F841, 3542F842, 3542F890, 3542F900, 3542F901, 354GE080, 3546E130, 3546E131, С3246Е937, C3249F000, C3249F030, R3248830, R3248F830

This is a serviceable USED part

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