Plunger and element for Simms Minimec pumps 512505-30


Plunger and element for Simms Minimec




Plunger and element for Simms Minimec

Size: 7.5mm RH

Item number 20 on the exploded diagram

Please confirm part number stamped on original element when ordering

Fits the following pumps:

P4594, P4594-A, P4594-B, P4594-C, P4594-D, P4595, P4595-A, P4595-B, P4595-C, P4596, P4596-A, P4618, P4619, P4619-A, P4619-B, P4619-C, P4624, P4624-1, P4624-2, P4624-3, P4630, P4631, P4632, P4633, P4634, P4635, P4636, P4636-A, P4651, P4651-1, P4658, P4658-1, P4662, P4662-1, P4663, P4664, P4664-A, P4674, P4674-A, Р4673, Р4673-А, P4680, P4680-A, P4684, P4684-A, P4684-B, P4685, P4685-A, P4685-B, P4686, P4687, Р4743, P4850, Р4832


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