Plunger and element for Simms Minimec pumps 9.5mm 512506-72


Plunger and element for Simms Minimec


Plunger and element for Simms Minimec

Size: 9.5mm LH

Item number 20 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to the following:

26431812, D9NN9D524AA, 83919141, 26425015, 26431759, D5NN9D524A, 83907716, 503675

Fits the following pumps:

P5176, P5176-1, P5201, P5201-1, P5201-1W, P5201-2, P5206, P5206-1, P5225-1, P5230, P5230-1, P5608, P5608-1, P5608-2, P5608-3, P5608-4, P5647, P5647-1, P5647-1A, P5647-2, P5647-2A, P5647-2B, P5647-3, P5647-3A, P5647-4, P5647-4A, P5686, P5686-1, P5686-2, P5702, P5702-1, P5706, P5706-1, P5707, P5707-1, P57291 P5494-A, P5494-B, P5498-A, P5498-B, P5498-C, P5597, P5597-1D, P5597-1E, P5597-2D, P5597-2E, P5597-2G, P5597-2H, P5597-A, P5597-D, P5598-1, P5598-1С, P5598-1D, Р5598-2С, Р5598-2Е, P5598-2F, P5598-2G, Р5598-В, Р5598-С, Р5675, Р5675-А, Р5675-В, Р5675-С, Р5722, Р5722-А, Р5723, Р5723-А

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Weight 0.125 kg
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