Simms Minimec governor gasket 514839


Simms Minimec governor gasket for Ford Dover engines




Simms Minimec SPGE governor gasket commonly fitted to Otosan and Ford Dorset, Dover engines used in Cargo trucks and Mermaid Marine applications

Item number 78 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P5485-3, P5486-2, P5487-3, P5487-3B, P5487-3E, P5487-4, P5487-4B, P5488-2A, P5488-2E, P5488-2F, P5488-3, P5488-3A, P5488-3B, P5488-3F, P5488-3G, P5488-3H, P5488-4, P5488-4A, P5510-2, P5513-2, P5515-2, Р5513-2, P5520-2, P5523-2, P5525-2, P5525-2A, P5525-3A, P5569, Р5563-1, P5717, P5718, P5748, P5748-1, P5748-1A, P5748-2, P5748-2A, P5752, P5753, P5753-1, P5753-1A

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Weight 0.025 kg
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