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Top housing gasket for 6 cylinder Minimec pumps


Top housing gasket for 6 cylinder Minimec pumps

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Top housing gasket for 6 cylinder Minimec pumps

Fits the following pumps:

P5277, P5277-A, P5462, P5462-1, P5462-2, P5484, P5484-1, P5484-1A, P5484-2, P5484-2A, P5484-3, P5484-3A, P5484-A, P5560, P5560-1, P5678, P5053-3B, P5053-3C, P5053-3E, P5053-3F, P5054-2C, P5054-3B, P5054-3C, P5054-3E, P5054-3F, P5060-4A, P5060-4B, P5078-3, P5085-3B, P5085-5B, P5085-5C, P5085-5D, P5085-5E, P5085-C, P5088-3, P5088-3A, P5088-3B, P5088-3C, Р5089-4, Р5089-4В, P5129-3, P5129-3B, P5130-4, P5130-4B, P5165-3, P5165-3A, P5182-3, P5182-3A, P5182-3D, P5182-3F, P5182-3G, P5182-3H, P5186-3, P5186-3A, P5186-3B, Р5229-1, Р5229-1А, P5366, Р5369, Р5369-В, Р5369-С, P5369-D, Р5369-Е, P5370, P5370-B, P5370-C, P5370-D, P5370-E, P5375, P5375-A, P5375-B, P5376, P5376-1F, P5376-1G, P5376-1H, P5376-1J, P5376-1 К, P5376-1L, P5376-1M, P5376-1N, P5376-2F, P5376-2H, P5376-2K, P5376-2M, P5376-2P, P5376-2Q, P5376-2R, P5376-A, P5376-B, P5376-C, P5376-D, P5376-E, P5376-F, P5376-G, P5376-H, P5376-J, P5376-K, P5376-L, P5376-M, P5376-N, P5377, P5377-2B, P5377-2D, P5377-2F, P5378, Р5379-1, P5380-1, P5410-A, P5410-C, P5417, P5417-A, Р5419, P5419-A, P5428, P5435-A, P5436, Р5439, Р5439-А, Р5439-В, Р5439-С, P5439-D, P5450, P5451, P5452, P5460, P5477, P5477-A, P5486-2, P5487-3, P5487-3A, P5487-3B, P5487-3E, P5487-4, P5487-4B, P5488-2A, P5488-2E, P5488-2F, P5488-3, P5488-3A, P5488-3B, P5488-3F, P5488-3G, P5488-3H, P5488-4, P5488-4A, P5496, P5515-2, P5519-2, P5520-2, P5523-2, P5525-2, P5525-2A, P5525-3A, P5538-A, Р5539-А, P5540-A, P5542, P5543, P5544, P5554, Р5569, Р5569-1, P5577, P5577-1, P5578, P5578-1, Р5579, Р5579-1А, Р5579-1В, Р5579-2А, Р5579-2В, Р5579-2С, Р5579-ЗС, Р5579-А, P5580, P5580-1, P5581, P5581-1, P5582, P5582-1A, P5582-1В, P5582-2A, P5582-2C, P5582-2D, P5582-3C, P5582-3D, P5582-A, P5582-B, P5611, P5612, P5613, P5636, P5636-1, P5636-1A, P5636-2A, P5637, P5637-1A, P5637-1B, P5637-2B, P5637-A, P5638, P5638-1, P5638-1A, P5638-2A, P5638-2B, P5638-2C, Р5639, P5640, P5640-1, P5640-1B, P5640-2B, P5640-A, P5641, P5641-1A, P5641-2A, P5643, P5643-1A, P5644, P5644-1A, P5645, P5645-1A, P5682-A, P5683, P5683-A, P5684, P5684-A, Р5691, P5691-A, Р5692, Р569З, Р569З-1, Р5694, Р5694-1, Р5695, Р5695-1, Р5695-1А, Р5695-А, P5705, P5705-1, P5710, P5717, P5718, P5741, P5741-1, P5743, P5748, P5748-1, P5748-2, P5748-2A, P5751, P5752, P5753, P5753-1

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