CAV DPA advance housing and piston 7123-819AZ


Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Item number 256 in the exploded diagram

Fits DPA pumps:

3248440, 3248F370, 3248F371, 3248F390, 3248F391, 3248F392, 3248F393, 3248F440, 3248F441, 3248F442, 3248F443, 3248F450, 3248F451, 3248F452, 3248F453, 3248F560, 3248F590, 3249F261, 3249F430, 3249F821, 3249F940, 3342F171, 3342F430, 3342F460, 3342F790, 3342F810, 3342F820, 3342F960, 3342F961, 3342F980, 3342F981, 3343F330, 3348F000, 3348F001, 3348F002, 3348F010, 3348F011, 3348F012, 3348F020, 3348F040, 3348F050, 3348F060, 3348F070, 3348F080, 3348F090, 3348F100, 334SF101, 334SF102, 3348F110, 3348F111, 3348F112, 3349F560, 3349F561, 3348F660, 3348F950T, 3348F951T, 3542F530, 3542F860, 3542F950, 3542F960, 3542F980, 3642F250, 3642F520, 3642F521, C3248F370, C3248F390, C3248F440, C3248F441, V3248F441, V3248F450, V3248F451, V3248F570

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