CAV DPA hydraulic head 7123-340W


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps.

Head code: 342

Rotor code: 344W

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Fits pump numbers:



3246166B, 3246296B, 3246298B, 3246306B, 3246316B, 3246516B, 3246837, 3246939C, 3246E937, 3246E939, 3246F296, 3246F516, 3248620, 3248F620, 3249F530, 3249F531, 3249F532, 3249F533, 3249F540, 3249F730, 3249F870, 3342F180, 3342F200, 3343F131, 3343F460, 3541F020, 3542F310, 3542F350, 3542F620, 3542F640, 3542F660, 3542F760, 3542F880, 3543F020, 3642F290, 3642F291, 3642F330, 3642F331, 3642F332, 3642F340, 3642F341, 3642F342, 3642F343, 3642F450, C3246E937, C3249F531, V3249F532, V3249F870, V3642F450

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