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*Serviceable Part*

CAV DPA piston and sleeve 7135-74C USED

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Piston and sleeve fitted to DPA and DPS pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

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Piston and sleeve fitted to DPA pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

Item 190 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3233210, 3233211, 3233290, 3233300, 3233320, 3233380, 3233390, 3233440, 3233F210, 3233F211, 3233F290, 3233F300, 3233F320, 3233F380, 3233F390, 3233F391, 3233F440, 3240091, 3240093, 3240095, 3240096, 3240097, 3240111, 3240115, 3240116, 3240137, 3240138, 3240157, 3240158, 3240168, 3240197, 3240198, 3240208, 3240258, 3240278, 3240388, 3240448, 3240578, 3240588, 3240598, 3240608, 3240628, 3240648, 3240668, 3240728, 3240778, 3240788, 3240798, 3240868, 3240928, 3240948, 3240F097, 3240F116, 3240F138, 3240F158, 3240F168, 3240F208, 3240F278, 3240F388, 3240F448, 3240F578, 3240F588, 3240F598, 3240F608, 3240F628, 3240F648, 3240F668, 3240F778, 3240F788, 3240F798, 3240F868, 3240F928, 3240F948, 3241010, 3241210, 3241230, 3241F010, 3241F210, 3241F230, 3242878, 3243370, 3243940, 3243950, 3243970, 3243F370, 3243F940, 3243F950, 3243F970, 3246145В, 3246175В, 3246226В, 3246235В, 3246236В, 3246237, 3246266В, 3246285В, 3246336В, 3246346В, 3246376В, 3246396В, 3246426В, 3246436В, 3246446В, 3246496В, 3246506В, 3246556В, 3246557, 3246685В, 3246686В, 3246696В, 3246697, 3246706В, 3246726В, 3246727, 3246745В, 3246746В, 3246747, 3246756В, 3246776В, 3246786В, 3246847, 3246857, 3246896В, 3246D237, 3246D557, 3246D558, 3246D697, 3246D727, 3246D747, 3246D847, 3246D857, 3246E237, 3246E557, 324GEG97, 3246E727, 324GE747, 3246E847, 324GE857, 3246F237, 3246F556, 3246F557, 3246F558, 3246F697, 3246F706, 3246F727, 3246F747, 3246F756, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3246F847, 3246F857, 3247D060, 3247E060, 3247E100, 3247E101, 3247E120, 3247F060, 3247F100, 3247F101, 3247F120, 3247F131, 3247F150, 3247F151, 3247F271, 3247F272, 3247F310, 3247F311, 3247F371, 3247F410, 3247F411, 3247F412, 3248030, 3248040, 3248090, 3248130, 3248140, 3248650, 3248760, 3248F090, 3248F650, 3248F760, 3249F710, 3249F711, 3249F750, 3249F751, 3264035В, 3342F180, 3342F930, 3342F940, 3343F200, 3343F560, 3440080, 3440F080, 3442010, 3442F010, 3542F010, 3542F050, 3542F051, 3542F053, 3542F090, 3542F091, 3542F092, 3542F093, 3542F130, 3542F140, 3542F170, 3542F250, 3542F300, 3542F340, 3542F471, 3542F480, 3542F481, 3542F483, 3542F490, 3542F540, 3542F550, 3542F870, 3546E010, 3546E030, 3546E031, 3546E032, 3546E033, 3546E034, 3546E050, 3546E060, C3240F578, C3240F668, C3243F370, C3246E697, C3246E857, C3247F412, C3248F090, C3248F760, G3247F412, I3247F412, R3240208, R3240388, R3240448, R3240608, R3240628, R3240648, R3240668, R3240F388, R3240F608, R3240F628, R3240F648, R3240F668, R3240F728, R3246266B, R3246756B

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