CAV DPA piston and sleeve 7135-74D


Piston and sleeve fitted to some DPA pumps

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Piston and sleeve fitted to DPA and DPS pumps 7135-74D

Item 190 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3232848, 3232858, 3232958, 3232968, 3232978, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F958, 3232F968, 3232F978, 3233020, 3233030, 3233050, 3233060, 3233070, 3233080, 3233150, 3233151, 3233161, 3233170, 3233171, 3233F020, 3233F030, 3233F060, 3233F150, 3233F151, 3233F161, 3233F170, 3233F171, 3233F450, 3233F451, 3233F460, 3240347, 3240357, 3240367, 3240377, 3240397, 3240438, 3240478, 3240497, 3240507, 3240517, 3240527, 3240538, 3240548, 3240557, 3240708, 3240808, 3240818, 3240F497, 3240F507, 3240F517, 3240F527, 3240F538, 3240F539, 3240F548, 3240F557, 3240F708, 3240F808, 3242001, 3243760A, 3246135В, 3246136В, 3246255В, 3246256В, 3246325В, 3246326В, 3246335В, 3246345В, 3246355В, 3246356В, 3246365В, 3246366В, 3246375В, 3246385В, 3246386В, 3246395В, 3246405В, 3246406В, 3246425В, 3246466В, 3246476В, 3246485В, 3246566В, 3246576В, 3246586В, 3246596В, 3246606В, 3246616В, 3246626В, 3246636В, 3246646В, 3246656В, 3246666В, 3246676В, 3246817, 3246867, 3246877, 3246907, 3246917, 3246927, 3246D907, 3246D917, 3246D927, 3246Е817, 3246Е877, 3246Е907, 3246Е917, 3246Е927, 3246F576, 3246F907, 3246F917, 3246F927, 3247D040, 3247Е040, 3247F040, 3247F210, 3248050А, 3248100А, 3248110А, 3248180, 3248180XA, 3248320, 3248320XA, 3248330, 3248330XA, 3248F050, 3248F100, 3248F110, 3248F180XA, 3248F320XA, 3248F330XA, 3249230, 3249350, 3249370, 3249F230, 3249F350, 3249F370, 3249F540, 3249F551, 3249F552, 3249F553, 3249F562, 3249F572, 3249F573, 3249F581, 3249F582, 3249F730, 3249F760, 3249F761, 3249F960, 3249F961, 3249F970, 3249F971, 3249F980, 3249F990, 3260068, 3260F428, 3260F429, 3263281, 3263700, 3263800, 3263810, 3263880, 3263890, 3263900, 3263950, 3263960, 3263970, 3263F281, 3263F700, 3263F800, 3263F810, 3263F880, 3263F890, 3263F900, 3263F901, 3263F950, 3263F960, 3263F970, 3266366В, 3266368С, 3266D368, 3266D538, 3266D638, 3266F368, 3266F538, 3266F638, 3268010, 3268020, 3268030, 3268040, 3268080, 3268090, 3268100, 3268181, 3268210, 3268220, 3268230, 3268240, 3268260, 3268270, 3268360, 3268370, 3268440, 3268450, 3268460, 3268580, 3268630, 3268700, 3268F010, 3268F011, 3268F020, 3268F030, 3268F040, 3268F080, 3268F090, 3268F091, 3268F100, 3268F180, 3268F181, 3268F182, 3268F210, 3268F211, 3268F220, 3268F230, 3268F260, 3268F270, 3268F271, 3268F360, 3268F361, 3268F370, 3268F371, 3268F440, 3268F450, 3268F451, 3268F460, 3268F570, 3268F571, 3268F572, 3268F580, 3268F581, 3268F590, 3268F600, 3268F601, 3268F630, 3268F650, 3268FG51, 3268F660, 3268FG61, 3268F700, 3268F701, 3268F740, 3268F750, 3268F751, 3268F810, 3268F811, 3268F870, 3268F890, 3268F891, 3268F900, 3268F960, 3269F140, 3269F141, 3269F170, 3269F360, 3269F361, 3269F550, 3269F551, 3269F690, 3269F700, 3269F701, 3269F710, 3269F730, 3282020, 3282021, 3282F021, 3282F040, 3282F050, 3282F060, 3282F070, 3282F080, 3282F090, 3282F100, 3342F190, 3342F200, 3342F390, 3342F400, 3342F450, 3348F240, 3348F260, 3348F2G1, 3348F270, 3348F271, 3348F280, 3348F281, 3348F290, 3348F291, 3348F300, 3348F301, 3348F310, 3348F311, 3348F320, 3348F321, 3348F330, 3348F331, 3348F340, 3348F341, 3348F360, 3348F370, 3348F371, 3348F380, 3348F381, 3348F382, 3348F390, 3348F400, 3348F520, 3348F570, 3348F571, 3349F010, 3349F011, 3349F020, 3349F021, 3349F030, 3349F031, 3349FQ40, 3349FQ41, 3349F050, 3349F051, 3349F060, 3349F0G1, 3349F070, 3362F380, 3362F381, 33G2F382, 3442370, 3442380, 3442400A, 3442400E, 3442410A, 344241OE, 3442420A, 3442420E, 3442510, 3442520, 3442770, 3442810, 3442820, 3442840, 3442850, 3442990, 3442F380, 3442F400A, 3442F400E, 3442F410A, 3442F410E, 3442F420A, 3442F420E, 3442F510, 3442F520, 3442F810, 3442F820, 3442F840, 3442F850, 3442F990, 3443030, 3443140, 3443150, 3443160, 3443170, 3443180, 3443190, 3443270, 3443280, 3443290, 3443300, 3443310, 3443330, 3443340, 3443350, 3443510, 3443520, 3443570, 3443F030, 3443F140, 3443F140A, 3443F150, 3443F150A, 3443F160, 3443F160A, 3443F170, 3443F180, 3443F190, 3443F270, 3443F280, 3443F290, 3443F300, 3443F310, 3443F330, 3443F340, 3443F350, 3443F510, 3443F520, 3443F570, 3443F630, 3443F640, 3443F650, 3443F680, 3443F690, 3443F700, 3443F710, 3443F910, 3443F950, 3443F960, 3443F970, 3443F980, 3443F990, 3448F010, 3448F020, 3448F040, 3448F050, 3448F070, 3448F080, 3448F090, 3448F100, 3448F110, 3448F140, 3448F1G0, 3448F190, 3448F210, 3448F220, 3448F230, 3448F2G0, 3448F270, 3448F280, 3448F310, 3448F380, 3448F390, 3449F020, 3449F030, 3449F040, 3449F050, 3449F0G0, 3449F070, 3532F050, 3542F560, 3542F920, 3543F070, 3543F080, 3543F090, 354GE190, 354GE192, 3566E030, 3642F132, 3642F133, 3642F380, 3642F390, 3642F391, 3662F810, 3663F040W, 3932F010, 3932F011, 3932F012, 3932F030, 3932F031, 3932F032, 3932F033, 3932F040, 3932FQ41, 3932F042, 3932F043, 3932F044, 3932F045, 3932F050, 3932F051, 3932F052, 3932F053, 3932F054, 3932F055, 3932F080, 3932F081, 3932F082, 3932F083, 3932F090, 3932F091, 3932F092, 3932F093, 3932F100, 3932F101, 3932F102, 3932F103, 3932F121, 3932F122, 3932F131, 3932F132, 3932F140, 3932F141, 3932F150, 3932F151, 3932F160, 3932F161, 3932F170, 3932F171, 3932F180N, 3932F190N, 3932F200N, 3942F060, 3942F061, 3942F0G2, 3942F110, 3942F111, 3942F112, 3942F113, 3942F140, 3942F141, 3942F142, 3942F143, 3942F180, 3942F181, 3942F182, 3942F190, 3942F191, 3942F192, 3942F350, 3942F620, 3942F621, 3942F630, 3942F631, 3942F632, 3942F633, 3942F680, 3942F681, 3942F781, 3942F782, 3942F791, 3942F792, 3942F820, 3942F821, 3942F830, 3942F831, 3942F840, 3942F841, 3942F850, 3942F851, 3942F860, 3942F861, 3942F870, 3942F871, 3942F880, 3942F881, 3942F890, 3942F891, 3942F900, 3942F901, 3942F910, 3942F911, 3942F920, 3942F921, 3942F930, 3942F931, 3942F932, 3942F933, 3942F940, 3942F941, 3942F942, 3942F943, 3942F960, 3942F961, 3942F970, 3942F980N, 3943F000N, 3943F010N, 3943F090N, 3943F160N, 3943F170N, 3943F180N, 3943F350N, 3962F040, 3962F041, 39G2F042, 39G2F043, 39G2F050, 3962F051, 39G2F052, 3962F060, 3962F061, 3962F062, 8860A050W, C3246E907, C3246E927, C3443F630, C3443F640, C3443F680, C3443F910, C3443F950, C3443F970, C3443F980, C3448F040, C3448F220, R3246336B, R3246346B, R3246376B, R3246406B, R3246466B, R324G576B, R3246666B, R324G676B, R3442F770, R3442F810, R3442F990, R344314Q-MODA, R3443150-MODA, R3443160-MODA, R3443170-MODA, R3443180-MODA, R3443190-MODA, R3443F570, R3443F640, R3443F910, R3443F950, R3443F970, R3443F980, R3448F040, R3448F160, R3448F210, R3448F220, R3448F230, R3448F2G0, R3448F280, R3448F310, R3448F380, R3448F390, R3449F020, R3449F030, R3449F040, R3449F050, R3449F0G0, R3449F070, V3268F010

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