CAV DPA, DPS and DP200 transfer pressure piston and sleeve 7135-74BS


Piston and sleeve fitted to some DPA pumps



Transfer pressure piston and sleeve fitted to some  DPA, DPS and DP200 pumps

Item 190 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DP200 pumps:

8922A220W, 8922A221W, 8922A222W, 8922A223W, 8922A224W, 8922A225W, 8924A490T, 8924A500T, 8924A540T

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3042F700, 3042F701, 3042F710, 3042F740, 3042F750, 3062F540, 3062F541, 3062F542, 3062F543, 3062F544, 3062F545, 3062F550, 3062F551, 3062F552, 3062F553, 3062F554, 3363F470, 3363F480, 3363F490, 3363F500, 3363F540, 3363F550, 3363F560, 3363F570, 3369F090, 3369F091, 3369F091G, 3369F210G, 3369F210T, 8860A350W, 8860A380W, 8861A190W,

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8520A420A, 8520A430A, 8520A510A, 8520A520A, 8520A530A, 8520A540A, 8520A570A, 8520A580A, 8520A590A, 8520A600A, 8520A610A, 8520A620A, 8520A630A, 8520A640A, 8520A650A, 8520A660A, 8520A670A, 8520A710A, 8520A711A, 8520A712A, 8520A713А, 8520А714А, 8520А720А, 8520А721А, 8520А730А, 8520А731А, 8520А740А, 8520А741А, 8520А742А, 8520А750А, 8520А751А, 8520А760А, 8520А761А, 8520А763А, 8520А770А, 8520А771А, 8520А780А, 8520А781А, 8520А782А, 8520А783А, 8520А790А, 8520А791А, 8520А792А, 8520А793А, 8520А800А, 8520А801А, 8520А802А, 8520А803А, 8520А810А, 8520А811А, 8520А812А, 8520A813А, 8520А820А, 8520А821А, 8520А822А, 8520А830А, 8520А831А, 8520А840А, 8520А841А, 8520А842А, 8520А843А, 8520А844А, 8520А845А, 8520А850А, 8520А851А, 8520А852А, 8520А853А, 8520А854А, 8520А860А, 8520A8G1A, 8520А862А, 8520А880А, 8520А890А, 8520А891А, 8520А892А, 8520А900А, 8520А901А, 8520А920А, 8520А921А, 8520А922А, 8520А923А, 8520А924А, 8521A070A, 8521A080A, 8521A081A, 8521A082A, 8521A090A, 8521A091A, 8521A092A, 8521A100A, 8521A101A, 8521A102A, 8521A110A, 8521A111A, 8521A112A, 8521A113A, 8521A120A, 8521A130A, 8521A131A, 8521A132A, 8521A133A, 8521A140A, 8521A141A, 8521A142A, 8521A143A, 8521A144A, 8521A145A, 8521A150A, 8521A151A, 8521A152A, 8521A153A, 8521A154A, 8521A160A, 8521А180А, 8521A181А, 8521А182А, 8521А183А, 8521A184А, 8521А185А, 8521А190А, 8521А191А, 8521А192А, 8521А193А, 8521А194А, 8521А200А, 8521А201А, 8521А202А, 8521А210А, 8521А211А, 8521А212А, 8521А220А, 8521А221А, 8521А222А, 8521А223А, 8521А230А, 8521А231А, 8521А232А, 8521А240А, 8521А241А, 8521А242А, 8521А243А, 8521А250А, 8521А251А, 8521A252A, 8521A253A, 8521A260A, 8521A261A, 8521A262A, 8521A263A, 8521A264A, 8521A265A, 8521A270A, 8521A271A, 8521A272A, 8521A273A, 8521A280A, 8521A281A, 8521A282A, 8521A283A, 8521A300A, 8521A301A, 8521A302A, 8521A303A, 8521A304A, 8521A310A, 8521A311A, 8521A312A, 8521A320A, 8521A321A, 8521A322A, 8521A323A, 8521A330A, 8521A331A, 8521A332A, 8521A333A, 8521A340A, 8521A341A, 8521A342A, 8521A343A, 8521A360A, 8521A361A, 8521A362A, 8521A370A, 8521A371A, 8521A372A, 8521A373A, 8521A374A, 8521A380A, 8521A381A, 8521A382A, 8521A383A, 8521A390A, 8521A391A, 8521A392A, 8521A393A, 8521A394A, 8521A400A, 8521A401A, 8521A402A, 8521A410A, 8521A411A, 8521A420A, 8521A421A, 8521A422A, 8521A423A, 8521A430A, 8521A431A, 8521A432A, 8521A440A, 8521A441A, 8521A442A, 8521A470A, 8521A471A, 8521A472A, 8521A473A, 8521A480A, 8521A481A, 8521A490A, 8521A500A, 8521A570A, 8521A571A, 8521A572A, 8521A573A, 8521A610A, 8521A650A, 8521A660A, 8521A660R, 8521A660X, 8521A661R, 8521A661X, 8521A662K, 8521A662R, 8521A662W, 8521A662X, 8521A663W, 8521A670A, 8521A680A, 8521A681A, 8521A690A, 8521A691A, 8521A700A, 8521A701A, 8521A710A, 8521A711A, 8521A740A, 8521A741A, 8521A750A, 8521A751A, 8521A760A, 8521A761A, 8521A762A, 8521A770A, 8521A771A, 8521A772A, 8521A800A, 8521A801A, 8521A802A, 8521A830A, 8521A840A, 8521A841A, 8521A860A, 8521A861A, 8521A870A, 8521A871A, 8521A880A, 8521A881A, 8521A890A, 8521A900A, 8521A901A, 8521A910A, 8521A911A, 8521A940A, 8521A941A, 8521A980A, 8521A981A, 8521A990A, 8522A090A, 8522A091A, 8522A092A, 8522A093A, 8522A094A, 8522A100A, 8522A110A, 8522A120A, 8522A121A, 8522A130A, 8522A131A, 8522A140A, 8522A141A, 8522A142A, 8522A150A, 8522A151A, 8522A152A, 8522A160A, 8522A1G1A, 8522A162A, 8522A163A, 8522A170A, 8522A171A, 8522A172A, 8523A000A, 8523A010A, 8523A020A, 8523A030A, 8523A040A, 8523A050A, 8523A060A, 8523A070A, 8523A071A, 8523A080A, 8523A090A, 8523A091A, 8523A100A, 8523A110A, 8523A120A, 8523A121A, 8523A130A, 8523A160A, 8523A161A, 8523A162A, 8523A190A, 8523A191A, 8523A200A, 8523A230A, 8523A231A, 8523A240A, 8523A241A, 8523A250A, 8523A2G0A, 8523A2G1A, 8523A270A, 8523A271A, 8523A280A, 8523A281A, 8523A290A, 8523A291A, 8523A310A, 8523A370A, 8523A380A, 8523A390A, 8523A400A, 8523A410A, 8523A460A, 8523A4G1A, 8523A462A, 8523A463A, 8523A464A, 8523A470X, 8523A470Y, 8523A471X, 8523A471Y, 8523A472X, 8523A472Y, 8523A473X, 8523A473Y, 8523A490X, 8523A490Y, 8523A491X, 8523A491Y, 8523A492X, 8523A492Y, 8523A493X, 8523A493Y, 8523A510X, 8523A510Y, 8523A511X, 8523A511Y, 8523A512X, 8523A512Y, 8523A513X, 8523A513Y, 8523A550Y, 8523A600X, 8523A610R, 8523AG11R, 8523A612R, 8523A61ЗК, 8523A613R, 8523A620R, 8523AG21R, 8523A622R, 8523A623K, 8523A623R, 8523A624K, 8523A630X, 8523A630Y, 8523AG31W, 8523A631X, 8523AG31Y, 8523A632W, 8523A632Y, 8523A640X, 8523A640Y, 8523A641W, 8523A641X, 8523A641Y, 8523A642W, 8523A642Y, 8523A650X, 8523A650Y, 8523AG51W, 8523AG51X, 8523AG51Y, 8523A652W, 8523A652Y, 8523A680X, 8523A682W, 8523A700X, 8523A701W, 8523A701X, 8523A702W, 8523A710X, 8523A750W, 8523A770W, 8523A771W, 8523A772W, 8523A780W, 8523A780Y, 8523A781W, 8523A781Y, 8523A782W, 8523A790W, 8523A790Y, 8523A791W, 8523A791Y, 8523A792Y, 8523A800W, 8523A800Y, 8523A801W, 8523A801Y, 8523A802W, 8523A802Y, 8523A803Y, 8523A810W, 8523A810Y, 8523A811Y, 8523A812Y, 8523A820W, 8523A830W, 8523A831W, 8523A840W, 8523A840Y, 8523A841W, 8523A842W, 8523A851Y, 8523A860Y, 8523A870W, 8523A880W, 8523A881W, 8523A882W, 8523A883W, 8523A890Y, 8523A891Y, 8523A892Y, 8524A020A, 8524A030A, 8524A120A, 8524A121A, 8524A130A, 8524А131А, 8524А132А, 8524А140А, 8524А141А, 8524А142А, 8524А143А, 8524А150А, 8524А151А, 8524A1G0A, 8524А180Х, 8524А181Х, 8524A181Y, 8524А182Х, 8524A182Y, 8524А190Х, 8524А191Х, 8524А192Х, 8524А200Х, 8524А201Х, 8524А202Х, 8524А210Х, 8524А211Х, 8524А250Х, 8524А251Х, 8524A252W, 8524A300X, 8524A300Y, 8524A301W, 8524A301X, 8524A301Y, 8524А310X, 8524A311W, 8524А311Х, 8524А320Х, 8524A321W, 8524А321Х, 8524A330W, 8524A360W, 8524A3G1W, 8524А371К, 8524A390W, 8524A391W, 8524A392W, 8524A400W, 8524A430W, 8524A431W, 8560А000А


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