Lucas CAV banjo bolt with bleed screw


Imperial banjo bolt for CAV pumps with bleed screw

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This is a replacement banjo bolt to fit DPA pumps commonly fitted to Fiat/Renault/Iveco SOFIM engines

Item 28 in the exploded diagram

3/8″ thread 24tpi 7/8″ long

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3222F070, 3222F071, 3247F180, 3247F181, 3247F250, 3247F260, 3247F261, 3247F320, 3247F321, 3247F330, 3247F331, 3247F390, 3247F400, 3247F401, 3249F900, 3249F901, 3249F902, 3342F220, 3342F221, 3342F222, 3342F351, 3342F352, 3342F560, 3342F561, 3342F610, 3342F710, 3342F711, 3342F720, 3342F721, 3342F870, 3342F880, 3342F890, 3342F900, 3342F910, 3343F290, 3432150A, 3432150E, 3432160A, 3432160E, 3432170A, 3432170E, 3432180E, 3432F150A, 3432F150E, 3432F160A, 3432F160E, 3432F170A, 3432F170E, 3432F180E, 3442160, 3442170, 3442173, 3442400A, 3442400E, 344241 OA, 344241OE, 3442420A, 3442420E, 3442560, 3442571, 3442630, 3442632, 3442640, 3442642, 3442670, 3442710, 3442712, 3442720, 3442722, 3442731, 3442733, 3442734, 3442735, 3442743, 3442893, 3442981, 3442982, 3442F160, 3442F170, 3442F173, 3442F400A, 3442F400E, 3442F410A, 3442F410E, 3442F420A, 3442F420E, 3442F560, 3442F571, 3442F630, 3442F632, 3442F640, 3442F642, 3442F670, 3442F710, 3442F712, 3442F720, 3442F722, 3442F731, 3442F733, 3442F734, 3442F735, 3442F743, 3442F893, 3442F981, 3442F982, 3443720A, 3443720В, 3443F669, 3443F720, 3462120, 3462120В, 3462170, 3462F052, 3462F053, 3462F092, 3462F093, 3462F103, 3462F120, 3462F120B, 3462F170, 3942F240, 3942F241, 3942F242, 3942F250, 3942F251, 3942F252, 3942F300, 3942F380, 3942F381, 3942F382, 3942F420, 3942F430, 3942F560, 3942F570, C3443F669, R3442F170

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