Lucas CAV DPA, DP210, DP310 and DPS governor spring 7123-898J


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP210, DP310 and DPS governor spring 7123-898J


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP210, DP310 and DPS governor spring 7123-898J

This is a genuine OEM Delphi part

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

9320A432G, 9320A433G, 9320A441G, 9320A442G, 9320A442H, 9320A443G, 9320A620G, 9320A621G, 9320A622G, 9320A623G, 9320A623H, 9320A650G, 9320A651G, 9320A652G, 9320A660W, 9320A661W, 9320A820W, 9320A990G, 9320A980W, 9323A020G, 9323A060G, 9323A240G, 9323A250G, 9323A270G, 9323A270H, 9323A300G, 9323A31OG, 9520A1OOG, 9520A1OIG, 9520A110G, 9520A111G, 9520A121G, 9520A121H, 9520A130G, 9520A230G, 9520A230H, 9520A290G, 9520A300G, 9520A300H, 9520A31OG, 9520A310H, 9520A320G, 9520A320H, 3232238, 3232238, 3232F238, 3232F298, 3233F590, 3233F591, 3233F780, 3233F990, 3238F010, 3238F830, 3240418, 3240428, 3240458, 3240698, 3240698F, 3240768, 3240898, 3240F418, 3240F428, 3240F698, 3240F768, 3240F878, 3240F898, 3241170, 3241 FI 70, 3241F500, 3241F810, 3242988, 3243110, 3243160, 3243380, 3243790, 3243880, 3243F090, 3243F110, 3243F160, 3243F380, 3243F480, 3243F880, 3243F930, 3248010, 3248350, 3248400, 3248830, 3248F010, 3248F350, 3248F400, 3248F441, 3248F442, 3248F443, 3248F591, 3248F830, 3249F900, 3249F901, 3249F902, 3249F940, 3260278, 3260288, 3260338, 3260F278, 3260F279, 3260F288, 3260F289, 3260F338, 3260F378, 3262098, 3262148, 3262258, 3262468, 3262518, 3262538, 3262638, 3262728, 3262738, 3262768, 3262808, 3262858, 3262888, 3262348, 3262368, 3262F148, 3262F468, 3262F518, 3262F598, 3262F698, 3262F728, 3262F768, 3262F858, 3262F888, 3262F889, 3262F948, 3262F968, 3263030, 3263030, 3263031, 3263130, 3263131, 3263431, 3263500, 3263501, 3263621, 3263650, 3263670, 3263680, 3263860, 3263980, 3263990, 3263F030, 3263F091, 3263F431, 3263F501, 3263F621, 3263F650, 3263F670, 3263F680, 3263F860, 3263F980, 3263F981, 3263F990, 3268120, 3268170, 3268200, 3268280, 3268281, 3268320, 3268F120, 3268F170, 3268F200, 3268F280, 3268F281, 3268F282, 3268F283, 3268F320, 3268F3211 3268F330, 3268F530, 3269F160, 3269F161, 3269F331, 3269F470, 3269F580, 3269F581, 3269F610, 3269F620, 3269F730, 3269F930, 3342F170, 3342F171, 3342F220, 3342F221, 3342F222, 3342F360, 3342F510, 3342F790, 3342F810, 3342F820, 3342F830, 3342F850, 3342F851, 3342F980, 3342F981, 3343F010, 3343F011, 3343F020, 3343F230, 3343F260, 3343F261, 3343F340, 3343F341, 3343F550, 3343F551, 3343F640, 3343F680, 3343F780, 3348F000, 3348F001, 3348F002, 3348F040, 3348F050, 3348F070, 3348F080, 3348F090, 3348F110, 3348F111, 3348F112, 3348F430, 3348F510, 3349F190T, 3362F000, 3362F060, 3362F061, 3362F190, 3362F191, 3362F880, 3362F881, 3430130, 3430140, 3430F130, 3430F140, 3432010, 3432F010, 3442040, 3442440, 3442450, 3442630, 3442632, 3442640, 3442642, 3442670, 3442830, 3442F040, 3442F440, 3442F450, 3442F630, 3442F632, 3442F640, 3442F642, 3442F670, 3442F830, 3443040, 3443050, 3443720A, 34437208, 3443740, 3443F040, 3443F041, 3443F050, 3443F720, 3443F740, 3443F741, 3542F130, 3542F530, 3542F630, 3542F860, 3542F950, 3542F980, 3562F280, 3562F540, 3562F760, 3632F280W, 3640F430W, 3642F520, 3642F521, 3642F940W, 3662F151, 3662F152, 3662F730, 3662F731, 3662F900, 3662F970W, 8860A010, 8860A020, 8860A070W, 8860A080, 8860A081, 8860A1 SOW, 8860A160, 8860A391W, 8860A392W, 8860A393W, 8860A400W, 8860A401W, C3248F441, C3262F888, R3240698, R3240F698, R3243160, R3243F160, R3248830, R3248F350, R3248F830, R3443740-MODA, R3443740-MODB, R3443F740-MODA, R3443F740-MODB, R3443F741, 3248F441, V3260F278, V3262F888, V3269F160, 8520A540A, 8520A61 0A, 8520A670A, 8520A690A, 8520A700A, 8520A950A, 8520A951A, 8520A952A, 8521A040A, 8521A520A, 8521A521A, 8521A522G, 8521A623A, 8521A624A, 8521A624G, 8521A640A, 8521A641A, 8521A790A, 8521A791A, 8521A813P, 8521A813T, 8521A814G, 8521A814P, 8521A814T, 8523A020A, 8523A050A, 8523A110A, 8523A180A, 8523A181A, 8523A181P, 8523A181T, 8523A182G, 8523A182T, 8523A183G, 8523A410A, 8523A600x, 8523A750W, 8523A810W, 8523A810Y, 8523A811Y, 8523A812V, 8523A840W, 8523A840TY, 8523A841W, 8523A842V7, 8523A870W, 8523A890TY, 8523A891Y, 8529A892Y, 8524A062A, 8524A062P, 8524A062T, 8524A063H, 8524A063T, 8524A261P, 8524A261T, 8524A262G, 8524A262H, 8524A262P, 8561A020G, 8561A020T


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