Lucas CAV DPA, DPS and DP200 injection pump transfer pump liner 7139-541


This is the transfer pump liner, a common wearing component causing poor starting and low power.



This is the transfer pump liner, a common wearing component causing poor starting and low power. This fits some FIAT applications

Item number 66 in the exploded diagram

The blades can be purchased separately HERE

Equivalent to:

26431684, 9817124, 9961157, 79070074

Fits the following DP200 pumps:

8920A460T, 8920A4G1T, 8920A461W, 8920A462W, 8923A310W

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3233F710, 3233F711, 3233F720, 3233F721, 3233F730, 3233F731, 3233F750, 3233F751, 3241F750, 3241F820, 3260F450, 3260F451, 3342F500, 3342F501, 3342F970, 3343F160, 3343F260, 3343F261, 3343F320, 3343F480, 3343F500, 3343F540, 3343F870, 3343F871, 3343F900, 3343F920, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F290, 3362F291, 3362F293, 3362F300, 3362F732, 3362F733, 3362F734, 3362F735, 3362F741, 3362F742, 3362F743, 3362F752, 3362F753, 3362F754, 3362F760, 3362F761, 3362F762, 3362F763, 3362F764, 3362F765, 3362F820, 3362F821, 3362F822, 3362F823, 3362F824, 3362F860, 3362F863, 3362F864, 3362F865, 3363F010, 3363F020, 3363F030, 3363F031, 3363F050, 3363F051, 3363F052, 3363F060, 3363F061, 3363F062, 3363F070, 3363F071, 3363F080, 3363F081, 3363F090, 3363F091, 3363F100, 3363F101, 3363F170, 3363F171, 3363F172, 3363F320, 3363F370, 3363F371, 3363F380, 3363F381, 3363F460, 3363F461, 3363F462, 3363F600, 3363F700, 3363F780, 3369F260T, 3369F261G, 3532F100, 3532F130, 3532F140, 3542F560, 3542F580, 3542F590, 3542F591, 3542F930, 3543F000, 3562F290, 3562F291, 3562F310, 3562F440, 3562F450, 3562F520, 3562F530, 3562F540, 3562F550, 3562F650, 3562F710, 3562F740, 3562F750, 3562F760, 3562F770, 3642F720W, 3642F850W, 3662F540, 3662F541, 3662F542W, 3662F700, 3662F710, 3662F720, 3662F740, 3662F741, 3662F750, 3662F760, 3662F770, 3662F801, 3662F880, 3662F930, 3663F030W, 3663F040W, 3663F050W, 3663F100W, 3663F110W, 3663F120W, 3932F040, 3932F041, 3932F042, 3932F100, 3932F121, 3932F131, 3932F160, 3942F220, 3942F221, 3942F230, 3942F231, 3942F232, 3942F440, 3942F441, 3942F442, 3942F443, 3942F460, 3942F463, 3942F530, 3942F531, 3942F532, 3942F533, 3942F660, 3942F782, 3942F792

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8860A370W, 8861A010, 8861A011, 8861A020, 8861A021, 8520A090A, 8520A100A, 8520A140A, 8520A170A, 8520A190A, 8520A200A, 8520A210A, 8520A400A, 8520A410A, 8520A420A, 8520A430A, 8520A460A, 8520A510A, 8520A570A, 8520A580A, 8520A680A, 8520A710A, 8520A711 A, 8520A712A, 8520A713A, 8520A714A, 8520A720A, 8520A721A, 8520A730A, 8520A731A, 8520A740A, 8520A741A, 8520A742A, 8520A750A, 8520A751A, 8520A760A, 8520A761A, 8520A763A, 8520A770A, 8520A771A, 8520A780A, 8520A781A, 8520A782A, 8520A783A, 8520A790A, 8520A791A, 8520A792A, 8520A793A, 8520A800A, 8520A801A, 8520A802A, 8520A803A, 8520A810A, 8520A811 A, 8520A812A, 8520A81 ЗА, 8520A820A, 8520A821A, 8520A822A, 8520A830A, 8520A831A, 8520A840A, 8520A841A, 8520A842A, 8520A843A, 8520A844A, 8520A845A, 8520A850A, 8520A851A, 8520A852A, 8520A853A, 8520A854A, 8520A860A, 8520A8G1A, 8520A862A, 8521A460A, 8521A461A, 8521А530А, 8522A000A, 8522A010A, 8522A020A, 8522A030A, 8522AQ40A, 8522A050A, 8522A060A, 8522A070A, 8522A080A, 8522A090A, 8522A091A, 8522A092A, 8522A093A, 8522A094A, 8522A100A, 8522A110A, 8522A120A, 8522A121A, 8522A130A, 8522А131А, 8522А140А, 8522А141А, 8522А142А, 8522А150А, 8522А151А, 8522А152А, 8522А160А, 8522А161А, 8522А162А, 8522А163А, 8522А170А, 8522А171А, 8522А172А, 8523A200A, 8523A610R, 8523AG11R, 8523A612R, 8523A61ЗК, 8523A613R, 8523A620R, 8523AG21R, 8523A622R, 8523A623K, 8523A623R, 8523A624K, 8523A680X, 8523A682W, 8524A000A, 8524A001A, 8524A010A, 8524А011A, 8524А012А, 8560А000А, 8561A010W

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