Lucas CAV DPA driveshaft 7139-185G


CAV DPA driveshaft

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Driveshaft used on hydraulically governed DPA pumps

Please check your shaft looks exactly as the one pictured as there were several types fitted to these pumps.

Fits the following pumps:

3266276, 3266377, 3266457, 3266459C, 3266467, 3266477, 3266479, 3266549C, 3266569C, 3266E276, 3266E377, 3266E457, 3266E459, 3266E467, 3266E477, 3266E479, 3266E549, 3266E569, 3266F459, 3266F479, 3266F549, 3266F569, 3266F709, 3266F739, 3267F000, 3267F010, 3267F012, 3267F030

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