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Lucas CAV DPA hydraulically governed housing 7123-286U USED

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This is the casing for some hydraulically governed DPA pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

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This is the casing for some hydraulically governed DPA pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3246136B, 3246166B, 3246196B, 3246198C, 3246206B, 3246226B, 3246236B, 3246256B, 3246266B, 3246296B, 3246298B, 3246306B, 3246316B, 3246326B, 3246336B, 3246346B, 3246356B, 3246366B, 3246376B, 3246386B, 3246396B, 3246406B, 3246426B, 3246436B, 3246446B, 3246466B, 3246466B, 3246476B, 3246496B, 3246506B, 3246516B, 3246556B, 3246566B, 3246576B, 3246586B, 3246596B, 3246606B, 3246616B, 3246626B, 3246636B, 3246646B, 3246656B, 3246666B, 3246676B, 3246686B, 3246696B, 3246706B, 3246726B, 3246736B, 3246746B, 3246756B, 3246776B, 3246786B, 3246786B, 3246896B, 3246D198, 3246D558, 3246D738, 3246F196, 3246F198, 3246F206, 3246F296, 3246F516, 3246F556, 3246F558, 3246F576, 3246F706, 3246F736, 3246F738, 3246F756, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3266076B, 3266086B, 3266088C, 3266106B, 3266116B, 3266126B, 3266136B, 3266146B, 3266146B, 3266156B, 3266166B, 3266176B, 3266196B, 3266206B, 3266208C, 3266216B, 3266226B, 3266236B, 3266238C, 3266246B, 3266256B, 3266286B, 3266296B, 3266306B, 3266326B, 3266366B, 3266368C, 3266386B, 3266396B, 3266416B, 3266418C, 3266426B, 3266428C, 3266446B, 3266448C, 3266448C, 3266516B, 3266518C, 3266528C, 3266D098, 3266D108, 3266D138, 3266D148, 3266D208, 3266D218, 3266D238, 3266D288, 3266D368, 3266D388, 3266D398, 3266D418, 3266D428, 3266D448, 3266D508, 3266D518, 3266D528, 3266D538, 3266D598, 3266D608, 3266D618, 3266D628, 3266D638, 3266D638, 3266D658, 3266D668, 3266D678, 3266D688, 3266F098, 3266F108, 3266F138, 3266F148, 3266F208, 3266F218, 3266F226, 3266F238, 3266F288, 3266F368, 3266F388, 3266F398, 3266F418, 3266F428, 3266F448, 3266F508, 3266F518, 3266F528, 3266F538, 3266F608, 3266F618, 3266F628, 3266F638, 3266F658, 3266F668, 3266F678, 3266F688, 3266F728, 3266F758, 3266F768, 3266F778, 3266F788, 3266F798, 3267F020, FI3246268B, FI3248338B, FI3248348B, FI3248378B, FI3248408B, R3248488B, R3248578B, R3246688B, R3246676B, R3246756B

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