Lucas CAV DPA quill driveshaft 7123-610C


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Quill drive shaft used on DPA injection pumps and commonly fitted to Land Rover 2.25l approximately 53mm in length

This is now obsolete – use 7123-592B instead

Please check your shaft looks exactly as the one pictured as there were several types fitted to these pumps.

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3240001, 3240010, 3240011, 3240012, 3240015, 3240031, 3242878, 3243370, 3243F370, 3248030, 3248040, 3248050A, 3248030, 3248100A, 3248110A, 3248130, 3248140, 3248650, 3248760, 3248880, 3248F050, 3248F030, 3248F100, 3248F110, 3248F650, 3248F760, 3248F880, 3243F520, 3243F710, 3243F711, 3243F750, 3243F751, 3342F040, 3342F110, 3342F230, 3342F240, 3343F120, 3343F200, 3343F560

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