Lucas CAV DPA top governor control cover. 7180-363


Item 19 in the exploded diagram

Part number: 7180-363


This is a top governor control cover for mechanically governed DPA pumps. We need your pump number or some good photos of your existing cover as there are many variations that are slightly different.

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3238F690, 3238F691, 3238F700, 3238F710, 3238F711, 3238F720, 3238F750, 3238F760, 3238F761, 3238F780, 3238F781, 3238F930, 3348F240, 3348F260, 3348F261, 3348F270, 3348F271, 3348F280, 3348F281, 3348F290, 3348F291, 3348F320, 3348F321, 3348F330, 3348F331, 3348F360, 3348F390, 3348F400, 3348F520, 3363F610, 3363F611, 3363F612, 3363F620, 3363F621, 3363F622, 3422010, 3422F010, 3432F730, 3432F790, 3432F800, 3432F810, 3432F820, 3432F830, 3432F960, 3432F970, 3433F010, 3440050, 3440F050, 3442080, 3442081, 3442082, 3442083, 3442084, 3442085, 3442120, 3442121, 3442122, 3442630, 3442632, 3442640, 3442642, 3442970, 3442F080, 3442F081, 3442F082, 3442F083, 3442F084, 3442F085, 3442F120, 3442F121, 3442F122, 3442F630, 3442F632, 3442F640, 3442F642, 3442F970, 3442F970A, 3443040, 3443050, 3443370, 3443720A, 3443720B, 3443740, 3443F040, 3443F041, 3443F050, 3443F570, 3443F640, 3443F720, 3443F740, 3443F741, 3443F910, 3443F950, 3443F970, 3443F980, 3448F040, 3448F220, 3448F230, 3448F270, 3462500, 3462F350, 3462F500, 3462F501, 3462F620, 3462F630, 3462F640, 3462F690, 3462F710, 3462F720, 3462F840, 3462F930, 3462F940, 3462F980, 3462F990, C3462F501, R3432F960, R3432F970, R3442970, R3442F970, R3443740, R3443740, R3443F740, R3443F740,  R3443F741, R3462F980, R3462F990

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