Lucas CAV DPA top governor control cover. 7180-363K


Item 19 in the exploded diagram

Part number: 7180-363K


This is a top governor control cover for mechanically governed DPA pumps.

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 4 day lead time for this part

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3348F500, 3348F700W, 3348F710W, 3348F720W, 3432200, 3432F200, 3432F930, 3432F950, 3432F951, 3442530, 3442F530, 3443100, 3443110, 3443130, 3443200, 3443210, 3443530, 3443F100, 3443F101, 3443F102, 3443F110, 3443F111, 3443F130, 3443F200, 3443F210, 3443F530, 3443F531, 3443F532, 3443F730, 3443F731, 3443F732, 3443F890, 3443F891, 3443F892, 3443F893, 3448F030, 3448F031, 3448F032, 3448F320, 3448F321, 3462120, 3462120B, 3462310, 3462360, 3462580, 3462F120, 3462F120B, 3462F310, 3462F311, 3462F312, 3462F360, 3462F580, 3462F581, 3462F740, 3462F741, 3462F741A, 3462F742, 3462F743, 3462F750, 3462F751, 3462F752, 3462F753, R3432F930, R3432F950, R3443F102, R3443F111, R3443F531, R3443F892, R3448F032, R3448F320, R3462F312, R3462F742, R3462F752

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