Lucas CAV DPC throttle shaft 9100-178A


Lucas CAV DPC throttle shaft 9100-178A

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This shaft solves fuel leaks from where the throttle shaft enters the top cover of the pump. Sometimes only the O rings need replacing and we sell these separately HERE. These leaks tend to be more noticeable in cold weather, and can allow fuel to run back to the tank making the engine difficult to start without priming the pump.

Item 6 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8443260A, 8443261B, 8443261C, 8443261D, 8443261E, 8443A261D, 8443A261E, 8443A262D, 8443A262E, 8443B263D, 8443B263E, 8443B264F, 8443B264G, 8443B380A, 8443B381B, 8443B382B, 8443B383B, 8443B830A, 8443B840A, 8443B910A, 8443B930A, 8443B950A, 8443B951B, 8443B980A, 8443B981B, 8444B030

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