Lucas Delphi DP200, DP210 and DP310 rear end plate 7135-354P


DP200, DP210 and DP310 rear end plate 7135-354P


Transfer pump end plate fitted to some DP200, DP210 and DP310 pumps 7135-354P

Item 46 in the exploded diagram

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 10 week lead time for this part

Equivalent to:

8920A378G, 8920A378H, 8920A379G, 8920A389G, 8920A398G, 8920A399G, 8920A538G, 8920A538H, 8920A539H, 8920A729W, 8920A755W, 8920A765W, 8920A798G, 8920A799G, 8920A799H, 8920A808G, 8920A808H, 8920A809G, 8920A809H, 8920A828G, 8920A829G, 8920A829H, 8920A907G, 8920A907H, 8920A908G, 8920A908H, 8920A99AV, 8921A148W, 8921A157K, 8921A157W, 8921A179W, 8921A208W1, 8921A217W, 8921A287G, 8921A287H, 8921A306W, 8921A622W, 8921A633W, 8921A644W, 8921A694K, 8921A735G, 8921A745G, 8921A756G, 8921A81GW, 8921A82EW, 8921A827W, 8921A865G, 8921A874H, 8921A887G, 8921A897G, 8921A897H, 8921A907H, 8921A927G, 8921A936G, 8921A946G, 8921A975H, 8922A165G, 8922A175G, 8923A326G, 8923A327G, 8923A426E, 8923A526G, 8923A543W, 8923A562K, 8923A562W, 8923A563K, 8923A563W, 8923A582W, 8923A583K, 8923A583W, 8929A604W, 8923A613W, 8929A614W, 8929A629W, 8929A632W, 8929A639W, 8929A649W, 8929A644W, 8929A659W, 8929A654W, 8923A663W, 8923A664W, 8923A693W, 8923A703W, 8929A804W, 8923A814W, 8929A829W, 8929A839W, 8929A849W, 8929A862W, 8923A863\V, 8929A882W, 8929A889W, 8929A892W, 8929A899W, 8929A902W, 8929A909W, 8923A913W, 8929A929W, 8923A933W, 8929A934W, 8924A005G, 8924A134W, 8924A143W, 8924A154W, 8924A163W, 8924A182W, 8924A192W, 8924A213W, 8924A262K, 8924A262W, 8924A272W, 8924A293W, 8924A303W, 8924A312W, 8924A323W1, 8924A33ZW1, 8924A342W, 8924A472K, 8924A47ZW1, 8924A482W, 8924A512G, 8924A530G, 8924A530H, 8925A175G, 8925A205G, 8925A214G, 8925A215G, 8925A282G, 8925A283G, 8925A310H, 8925A311H, 8925A350G, 8925A370W, 8922A04AV, 8961A020W, 9322A051G, 9322A052G, 9322A053G, 9322A210G, 9522A000G, 9522A010G, 9522A030G

Fits the following  pumps:


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Weight0.025 kg
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