Lucas Delphi DP200/DP210/DP310 and DPS catch plate 7189-295


Lucas Delphi DP200/DP210/DP310 and DPS catch plate


Lucas Delphi DP200/DP210/DP310 and DPS catch plate

Item 123 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A129W, 8920A189W, 8920A199W, 8920A219W, 8920A279W, 8920A379G, 8920A399G, 8320A433W, 8320A458G, 8320A437G, 8320A503G, 8320A519G, 8320A533H, 8320A567H, 8320A576H, 8320A537G, 8320A673W, 8320A683W, 8320A636G, 8920A707W, 8320A713W, 8320A755W, 8320A765W, 8320A733G, 8320A733H, 8320A803G, 8920A809H, 8920A829G, 8920A829H, 8920A908G, 8920A908H, 8920A937G, 8920A959G, 8920A997W, 8923A037G, 8923A055G, 8923A068G, 8923A087G, 8923A099G, 8923A117G, 8923A126G, 8923A136G, 8923A136H, 8923A148G, 8923A158G, 8923A167G, 8923A177G, 8923A187G, 8923A196G, 8923A206G, 8923A327G, 8923A396G, 8923A407G, 8923A436E, 8923A505G, 8923A543W, 8923A563K, 8923A563W, 8923A583K, 8923A583W, 8922A594W, 8923A.604W, 8923A614W, 8922A623\V, 8923A633W, 8923A644W, 8923A654W, 8923A664W, 8923A674W, 8923A684W, 8923A693W, 8923A703W, 8923A714W, 8922A774W, 8922A784W, 8922A794W, 8922A804W, 8923A814W, 8923A823v7, 8923A833W, 8923A843W, 8923A853W, 8923A863W, 8923A883W, 8923A893W, 8923A903W, 8923A913W, 8922A923W, 8922A934W, 8923A944W, 8923A954G, 8925A016G, 8925A026G, 8925A035G, 8925A055G, 8925A085G, 8925A095G, 8925A113W, 8925A144G, 8925A145H, 8925A155H, 8925A175G, 8925A205G, 8925A215G, 8925A244G, 8925A253G, 8925A263G, 8925A283G, 8925A291T, 8925A301H, 8925A311H, 8925A321T, 8925A331G, 8925A331H, 8925A340G, 8925A340H, 8925A350G, 8925A360W, 8925A370W, 8925A380W, 8973A211 A, 8973A212A, 8973A213A, 8973A214A, 8973A215A, 9320A023G, 9320A024G, 9320A025G, 9320A073G, 9320A074G, 9320A075G, 9320A083G, 9320A084G, 9320A085G, 9320A093G, 9320A093H, 9320A095G, 9320A095H, 9320A151G, 9320A183G, 9320A183H, 9320A184G, 9320A184H, 9320A185G, 9320A185H, 9320A193G, 9320A193H, 9320A194G, 9320A194H, 9320A195G, 9320A195H, 9320A203G, 9320A203H, 9320A205G, 9320A205H, 9320A213G, 9320A213H, 9320A214G, 9320A214H, 9320A215G, 9320A215H, 9320A222G, 9320A223G, 9320A224G, 9320A225G, 9320A234G, 9320A244G, 9320A252K, 9320A252W, 9320A253K, 9320A253W, 9320A262K, 9320A262W, 9320A263K, 9320A263W, 9320A272K, 9320A272W, 9320A273K, 9320A273W, 9320A283K, 9320A283W, 9320A284K, 932fto284W, 9320A293K, 9320A293W, 9320A294K, 9320A294W, 9320A303K, 9320A303W, 9320A304K, 932fto304W, 9320A343G, 9320A344G, 9320A345G, 9320A346G, 9320A352G, 9320A353G, 9320A354G, 9320A355G, 9320A356G, 9320A381G, 9320A382G, 9320A383G, 9320A391G, 9320A392G, 9320A393G, 9320A394G, 9320A401G, 9320A401H, 9320A402G, 9320A402H, 9320A403G, 9320A403H, 9320A421G, 9320A422G, 9320A423G, 9320A432G, 9320A433G, 9320A442G, 9320A442H, 9320A443G, 9320A452G, 9320A452H, 9320A471G, 9320A472G, 9320A481G, 9320A481H, 9320A482G, 9320A482H, 9320A483G, 9320A483H, 9320A501G, 9320A531G, 9320A531H, 9320A532G, 9320A532H, 9320A533G, 9320A533H, 9320A541G, 9320A541H, 9320A542G, 9320A542H, 9320A543G, 9320A543H, 9320A580G, 9320A580H, 9320A582H, 9320A590G, 9320A600G, 9320A600H, 9320A601G, 9320A602G, 9320A611G, 9320A612G, 9320A613G, 9320A621G, 9320A622G, 9320A623G, 9320A623H, 9320A650G, 9320A651G, 9320A652G, 9320A660W, 9320A661W, 9320A670W, 9320A671W, 9320A700E, 9320A71OG, 9320A720G, 9320A730G, 9320A820W, 9320A830G, 9320A830H, 9320A831G, 9320A831H, 9320A880G, 9320A890G, 9320A980W, 9320A990W, 9322A003G, 9322A012G, 9322A070G, 9322A100G, 9322A230G, 9323A010G, 9323A020G, 9323A030G, 9323A040G, 9323A060G, 9323A070W, 9323A080W, 9323A090W, 9323A100W, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A120G, 9323A130G, 9323A160G, 9323A170H, 9323A180G, 9323A190G, 9323A200G, 9323A200H, 9323A230G, 9323A240G, 9323A250G, 9323A260G, 9323A270G, 9323A270H, 9323A280G, 9323A300G, 9323A310G, 9520A000G, 9520A001G, 9520A002G, 9520A01OG, 9520A020G, 9520A030G, 9520A040G, 9520A050G, 9520A060G, 9520A070G, 9520A071G, 9520A080G, 9520A090G, 9520A100G, 9520A101G, 9520A110G, 9520A111G, 9520A121G, 9520A121H, 9520A130G, 9520A140G, 9520A150G, 9520A151G, 9520A1GOG, 9520A180G, 9520A181G, 9520A190G, 9520A191G, 9520A200G, 9520A201G, 9520A220W, 9520A230G, 9520A230H, 9520A290G, 9520A300G, 9520A300H, 9520A31OG, 9520A310H, 9520A320G, 9520A320H, 9520A330G, 9520A350G, 8520A714A, 8520A763A, 8520A783A, 8520A793A, 8520A803A, 8520A813A, 8520A845A, 8520A933A, 8520A343A, 8520A365G, 8520A373G, 8523A144G, 8523A162A, 8523A174H, 8523A183G, 8523A363H, 8523A464A, 8523A533G, 8523A533H, 8523A563H, 8523A534G, 8523A624K, 8523A632W, 8523A632V, 8523A642W, 8523A642Y, 8523A642Y, 8523A652W, 8523A652V, 8523A702W, 8522A734W, 8523A772W, 8523A782W, 8523A792V, 8523A803Y1, 8523A812V, 8523A842W, 8523A883W, 8523A882Y, 8523A922G

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Weight 0.025 kg
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