Lucas Delphi DPC CIA solenoid 9100-442H Genuine Delphi


Lucas Delphi DPC CIA solenoid

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Lucas Delphi DPC CIA solenoid 9100-442H Genuine Delphi

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 3 day lead time for this part

Equivalent to:

9100-440, 9100-440C, 9100-441D, 9100-881B, 9100-892A

Fits the following pumps:

8445B220A, 8445B230A, 8443A350A, 8443A350B, 8443B351A, 8443B351B, 8443B352C, 8443B352D, 8443B353E, 8443B353F, 8443B354E, 8443B354F, 8443B355E, 8443B355F, 8443B640A, 8443B740A, 8443B741A, 8443B742A, 8443B743B, 8443B744B, 8443B745B, 8443B747D, 8443B748E, 8443B749F, 8443B792C, 8443B793C, 8443B794C, 8443B795D, 8443B796E, 8443B880A, 8443B881A, 8443B950A, 8443B951B, 8443B952B, 8443B954D, 8443B955D, 8443B958E, 8443B980A, 8443B981B, 8443B992B, 8443B994C, 8443B995D, 8443B996E, 8444B071D, 8444B072E, 8444B082E, 8444B083E, 8444B083F, 8444B282C, 8444B283C, 8444B284C, 8444B285C, 8444B292C, 8444B293C, 8444B294C, 8444B295C, 8444B340A, 8444B830A, 8444B631B, 8444B632B, 8444B840A, 8444B841B, 8444B890A, 8444B891A, 8444B692A, 8444B693B, 8444B694B, 8444B800A, 8444B81OA, 8444B840A, 8444B970A, 8444B972B, 8444B973B, 8445B012B

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