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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring 7123-358G USED

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Lucas CAV DPA Cam ring USED

This is a serviceable USED part

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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring. Marked 358G

Fits the following pumps:

3243950, 3243970, 3243F950, 3243F970, 324G080B, 324G081В, 324G082B, 324G083B, 3246123В, 324G143B, 3246144В, 3246145В, 324G175B, 3246214, 3246235В, 3246236В, 3246243В, 3246283В, 3246285В, 3246436В, 3246446В, 3246496В, 3246506В, 3246685В, 3246686В, 3246696В, 3246706В, 3246745В, 3246746В, 3246765В, 3246776В, 3246786В, 3246847, 3246857, 3246896В, 3246D847, 3246D857, 3246Е847, 3246Е857, 3246F706, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3246F847, 3246F857, 3247Е090, 3247F090, 3247F270, 3247F271, 3247F272, 3247F310, 3247F311, 3247F371, 3247F410, 3247F411, 3247F412, 3248530, 3248720, 3248F530, 3248F720, 3264015В, 3342F930, 3342F940, 3542F300, 3542F340, 3542F490, 3546E030, 3546E031, 3546E032, 3546E033, 3546E034, 3546E050, 3546E060, 3742F110, 3742F111, 3742F112, 3742F120, C3246E857, C3247F412

This is a serviceable USED part

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