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CAV DPA metering valve 7139-559T


Metering valve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Metering valve fitted to some CAV DPA mechanically governed pumps 7139-559T (Size A standard size)

Item 42 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3042F420, 3042F421, 3042F460, 3042F480, 3042F500, 3042F501, 3042F502, 3042F503, 3042F504, 3042F510, 3042F511, 3042F512, 3042F520, 3042F521, 3042F522, 3042F523, 3042F524, 3042F530, 3042F531, 3042F532, 3042F560, 3042F561, 3042F590, 3042F591, 3042F810, 3042F820, 3082F280, 3062F290, 3062F340, 3062F341, 3062F342, 3062F343, 3062F344, 3062F350, 3062F351, 3062F352, 3062F353, 3062F354, 3348F410, 3348F411, 3348F412, 3348F440, 3348F441, 3348F530, 3348F531, 3348F532, 3348F533, 3348F540, 3348F541, 3348F542, 3348F900T, 3348F901G, 3348F901T, 3348F920T, 3348F921T, 3349F160T, 3349F161T, 3363F710, 3363F711, 3363F712, 3363F713, 3363F720, 3363F721, 3363F722, 3363F723, 3369F130, 3369F300R, 3369F301R, 3369F301X, 3369F302K, 3369F303K, 3369F311X, 3369F312W, 3369F313W

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