CAV DPA and DPS non return fuel return connection valve (short)


Lucas CAV DPA and DPS short drain connection

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Short fuel return connection non return valve fitted to some CAV DPA and DPS pumps

Item 1 in the exploded diagram

If you require the standard drain connection please see HERE

The long non return drain connection is HERE

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3042F103, 3042F104, 3042F105, 3042F172, 3042F173, 3042F174, 3042F183, 3042F184, 3042F212, 3042F213, 3042F214, 3042F222, 3042F223, 3042F224, 3042F272, 3042F273, 3042F274, 3042F333, 3042F334, 3042F335, 3042F362, 3042F472, 3042F502, 3042F503, 3042F504, 3042F512, 3042F522, 3042F523, 3042F524, 3042F532, 3042F542, 3042F552, 3042F572, 3042F573, 3042F574, 3042F582, 3042F772, 3042F773, 3042F774, 3042F812, 3062F014, 3062F024, 3062F063, 3062F064, 3062F073, 3062F074, 3062F075, 3062F083, 3062F083P, 3062F084P, 3062F085P, 3062F082, 3062F101, 3062F102, 3062F103, 3062F121, 3062F152, 3062F153, 3062F154, 3062F162, 3062F163, 3062F164, 3062F271, 3062F272, 3062F273, 3062F342, 3062F343, 3062F344, 3062F352, 3062F353, 3062F354, 3062F362, 3062F372, 3062F412, 3062F413, 3062F414, 3062F422, 3062F423, 3062F523, 3062F524, 3062F525, 3062F611, 3348F411, 3348F412, 3348F441, 3348F531, 3348F532, 3348F533, 3348F541, 3348F542, 3348F88ZK, 3348F88ZK, 3343F993W, 3348F884W, 3363F711, 3363F712, 3363F713, 3363F721, 3363F722, 3363F723, 3363F731, 3363F732, 3363F733, 3363F741, 3363F742, 3363F743, 3369F301FI, 3369F302K, 3369F303K, 3369F311X, 3369F312W, 3369F313W

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8520A890A, 8520A891A, 8520A882A, 8520A800A, 8520A801A, 8521A080A, 8521A081A, 8521A082A, 8521A080A, 8521A081A, 8521A082A, 8521A100A, 8521A101A, 8521A102A, 8521A110A, 8521A111A, 8521A112A, 8521A113A, 8521A130A, 8521A131 A, 8521A132A, 8521A133A, 8521A140A, 8521A141A, 8521A142A, 8521A143A, 8521A144A, 8521A145A, 8521A150A, 8521A151A, 8521A152A, 8521A153A, 8521A154A, 8521A180A, 8521A181A, 8521A182A, 8521A183A, 8521A184A, 8521A185A, 8521A190A, 8521A191 A, 8521A192A, 8521A193LA, 8521A194A, 8521A200A, 8521A201A, 8521A202A, 8521A210A, 8521A211A, 8521A212A, 8521A220A, 8521A221A, 8521A222A, 8521A223A, 8521A230A, 8521A231A, 8521A232A, 8521A240A, 8521A241A, 8521A242A, 8521A243A, 8521A250A, 8521A251A, 8521A252A, 8521A253A, 8521A260A, 8521A261A, 8521A262A, 8521A263A, 8521A264A, 8521A265A, 8521A270A, 8521A271A, 8521A272A, 8521A273A, 8521A280A, 8521A281A, 8521A282A, 8521A283A, 8521A300A, 8521A301A, 8521A302A, 8521A303A, 8521A304A, 8521A310A, 8521A311A, 8521A312A, 8521A320A, 8521A321A, 8521A322A, 8521A323A, 8521A330A, 8521A331A, 8521A332A, 8521A333A, 8521A340A, 8521A341A, 8521A342A, 8521A343A, 8521A360A, 8521A361A, 8521A362A, 8521A370A, 8521A371A, 8521A372A, 8521A373A, 8521A374A, 8521A380A, 8521A381A, 8521A382A, 8521A383A, 8521A390A, 8521A391A, 8521A392A, 8521A393A, 8521A394A, 8521A400A, 8521A401A, 8521A402A, 8521A410A, 8521A411A, 8521A420A, 8521A421A, 8521A422A, 8521A423A, 8521A430A, 8521A431A, 8521A432A, 8521A440A, 8521A441A, 8521A442A, 8521A610A, 8521A650A, 8521A670A, 8521A680A, 8521A681A, 8521A690A, 8521A691A, 8521A700A, 8521A701A, 8521A710A, 8521A711A, 8521A740A, 8521A741A, 8521A800A, 8521A801A, 8521A802A, 8521A830A, 8521A840A, 8521A841A, 8521A890A, 8521A900A, 8521A901A, 8521A910A, 8521A911A, 8521A940A, 8521A941A, 8521A980A, 8521A981A, 8521A990A, 8523A190A, 8523LA191A, 8524A371K

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