Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS governor spring 7123-94J


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS pumps

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Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DP200 and DPS pumps. 7123-94J

Equivalent to:


Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8923A760W, 8973A021B] 8973A023C] 8973A024C, 9320A590G, 3042F000, 3042F001, 3042F002, 3042F310, 3042F311, 3042F312, 3042F320, 3042F670, 3042F671, 3042F672, 3042F673, 3042F674, 3042F680, 3042F680P, 3042F681, 3042F681P, 3042F682, 3232188, 3232708, 3232728, 3232848, 3232858, 3232868, 3232858, 3232868, 3232878, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F958, 3232F968, 3232F978, 3233020, 3233030, 3233050, 3233060, 3233070, 3233080, 3233150, 3233151, 3233161, 3233170, 3233171, 3233210, 3233211, 3233280, 3233300, 3233320, 3233380, 3233380, 3233440, 3233F020, 3233F030, 3233F060, 3233F150, 3233F151, 3233F161, 3233F170, 3233F171, 3233F211, 3233F290, 3233F300, 3233F320, 3233F380, 3233F390, 3233F391, 3233F440, 3233F460, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F632, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F652, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F740, 3233F760, 3233F770, 3233F800, 3233F870, 3233F880, 3233F900, 3238F080, 3238F100, 3238F120, 3238F121, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3238F310, 3238F311, 3238F330, 3238F331, 3238F350, 3238F351, 3238F430, 3238F440, 3238F441, 3238F460, 3238F550, 3238F560, 3241F570, 3241F571, 3241F572, 3241F580, 3241F581, 3241F580, 3241F591, 3241F650, 3241F651, 3241F880, 3241F981, 3241F882, 3242618, 3242777, 3242808, 3242858, 3242828, 3242F928, 3243100, 3243130, 3243340, 3243350, 3243480A, 3243930A, 3243980, 3243F100, 3243F130, 3243F340, 3243F350, 3248360, 3248620, 3248F360, 3248F620, 3249030, 3249160, 3249F030, 3249F031, 3249F032, 3249F160, 3249F770, 3249F771, 3263150, 3263151, 3263152, 3263153, 3263690, 3263771, 3263F152, 3263F153, 3263F690, 3263F771, 3268F480, 3268F481, 3340F111G, 3340F111T, 3342F000, 3342F310, 3342F710, 3342F711, 3342F720, 3343F000, 3343F001, 3343F040, 3343F041, 3343F042, 3343F250, 3343F270, 3343F271, 3343F430, 3343F440, 3640F240, 3640F270, 3640F271, 3640F272, 3640F310, 3640F311, 3640F330, 3640F340, 3640F360, 3640F370, 3642F260, 3642F600, 3642F610, 3642F620, 3642F660, 3662F380, 3662F381, 3662F470, 3662F471, 3662F472, 3662F580, 3662F581, 3662F790, 3662F801, 3662F830, 3662F880, 3943F290N, 8862A050W, 8862A060W, 8862A120W, C3249F030, R3242928, V3233F651, V3241F570, 8520A280A, 8520A970A, 8520A971 A, 8520A972G, 8520A973G, 8521A600A

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