Lucas CAV DPA driveshaft 7167-534


CAV DPA driveshaft 7167-534

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Driveshaft used on some DPA pumps

This is now supplied with a metric threaded end

Item number 46 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3260F428, 3269F880, 3269F910, 3269F911, 3269F912, 3362F010, 3362F012, 3362F020, 3362F050, 3362F051, 3362F052, 3362F070, 3362F071, 3362F120, 3362F121, 3362F150, 3362F180, 3362F181, 3362F210, 3362F211, 3362F240, 3362F241, 3362F242, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F310, 3362F311, 3362F320, 3362F330, 3362F350, 3362F351, 3362F360, 3362F361, 3362F370, 3362F371, 3362F390, 3362F420, 3362F430, 3362F440, 3362F441, 3362F450, 3362F451, 3362F460, 3362F470, 3362F490, 3362F510, 3362F511, 3362F530, 3362F531, 3362F580, 3362F671, 3362F680, 3362F690, 3362F691, 3362F700, 3362F752, 3362F753, 3362F800, 3362F840, 3362F870, 3362F920, 3362F930, 3363F000, 3363F050, 3363F080, 3363F090, 3363F100, 3363F130, 3363F140, 3363F150, 3363F151, 3363F152, 3363F170, 3363F180, 3363F220, 3363F230, 3363F250, 3363F260, 3363F280, 3363F330, 3363F360, 3363F370, 3363F380, 3363F410, 3363F460, 3662F430, 3662F431, 3662F470, 3662F471, 3662F472, 3662F510, 3662F520, 3662F580, 3662F581, 3662F700, 3662F710, 3662F720, 3662F730, 3662F731, 3662F740, 3662F741, 3662F780, 3662F801, 3662F830, 3662F840, 3662F830, V3269F911

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