Lucas DP200, DP210, DP310 delivery valve 7182-447S


Lucas DP200, DP210, DP310 delivery valve

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Lucas DP200, DP210, DP310 delivery valve. 7182-447S. This is a genuine Delphi part

Equivalent to: 7182-447R

Item 262 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A090W, 8920A091W, 8920A092W, 8920A093W, 8920A094W, 8920A095W, 8920A09EW, 8920A097W, 8920A110W, 8920A111W, 8920A112W, 8920A113W, 8920A114W, 8920A115W, 8920A11EW, 8920A117W, 8920A120W, 8920A121W, 8920A122W, 8920A123W, 8920A124W, 8920A125W, 8920A12EW, 8920A127W, 8920A129W, 8920A180W, 8920A181W, 8920A182W, 8920A183W, 8920A184W, 8920A185W, 8920A18EW, 8920A187W, 8920A189W, 8920A190R, 8920A190W, 8920A191R, 8920A191W, 8920A192R, 8920A192W, 8920A193R, 8920A193W, 8920A194R, 8920A194W, 8920A195R, 8920A195W, 8920A196K, 8920A197W, 8920A19SW, 8920A199W, 8920A200R, 8920A200W, 8920A201R, 8920A201W, 8920A202R, 8920A202W, 8920A203R, 8920A203W, 8920A204R, 8920A204W, 8920A205K, 8920A205R, 8920A205W, 8920A210W, 8920A211W, 8920A212W, 8920A213W, 8920A214W, 8920A215W, 8920A216W, 8920A219W, 8920A230W, 8920A231W, 8920A232W, 8920A233W, 8920A234W, 8920A237W, 8920A250W, 8920A251W, 8920A252W, 8920A253W, 8920A254W, 8920A255W, 8920A25EW, 8920A257W, 8920A280W, 8920A281W, 8920A282W, 8920A283W, 8920A284W, 8920A285W, 8920A285W, 8920A270R, 8920A270W, 8920A271R, 8920A271W, 8920A272R, 8920A272W, 8920A273R, 8920A273W, 8920A274R, 8920A274W, 8920A275R, 8920A275W, 8920A276K, 8920A279W, 8920A280R, 8920A280W, 8920A281R, 8920A281W, 8920A282R, 8920A282W, 8920A283K, 8920A283R, 8920A283W, 8920A290W, 8920A300W, 8920A310W, 8920A320W, 8920A400W, 8920A410V, 8920A700W, 8920A701W, 8920A702W, 8920A703W, 8920A704W, 8920A70EW, 8920A707W, 8920A730W, 8920A731W, 8920A732W, 8920A733W, 8920A740W, 8920A741W, 8920A742W, 8920A750W, 8920A751W, 8920A752W, 8920A755W, 8920A760W, 8920A781W, 8920A762W, 8920A763W, 8920A765W, 8920A770W, 8920A771W, 8920A772W, 8920A780W, 8920A781W, 8920A782W, 8920A783W, 8920A980W, 8920A981W, 8920A982W, 8920A983W, 8920A984W, 8920A990W, 8920A991W, 8920A992W, 8920A993W, 8920A994W, 8920A997W, 8921A002W, 8921A003W, 8921A004W, 8921A005W, 8921A00EW, 8921A007W, 8921A005W, 8921A013W, 8921A014W, 8921A015W, 8921A016W, 8921A017W, 8921A01SW, 8921A019W, 8921A050W, 8921A051W, 8921A052W, 8921A053W, 8921A054W, 8921A055W, 8921A056W, 8921A060W, 8921A081W, 8921A062W, 8921A063W, 8921A064W, 8921A065W, 8921A066W, 8921A070W, 8921A080W, 8921A081W, 8921A082W, 8921A083W, 8921A084W, 8921A085W, 8921A086W, 8921A090W, 8921A091W, 8921A092W, 8921A093W, 8921A094W, 8921A095W, 8921A100W, 8921A101W, 8921A102W, 8921A103W, 8921A104W, 8921A110W, 8921A111W, 8921A112W, 8921A113W, 8921A114W, 8921A115W, 8921A116W, 8921A117W, 8921A118W1, 8921A120W, 8921A121W, 8921A122W, 8921A123W, 8921A124W, 8921A125W, 8921A126W, 8921A12SW, 8921A140R, 8921A140W, 8921A141R, 8921A141W, 8921A142R, 8921A142W, 8921A143R, 8921A143W, 8921A144R, 8921A144W, 8921A145R, 8921A145W, 8921A146W, 8921A147W, 8921A14SW, 8921A150R, 8921A150W, 8921A151R, 8921A151W, 8921A152R, 8921A152W, 8921A153R, 8921A153W, 8921A154R, 8921A154W, 8921A155W, 8921A1 SEW, 8921A157K, 8921A157W, 8921A17EW, 8921A171W, 8921A172W, 8921A173W1, 8921A174W, 8921A17SW, 8921A177W, 8921A17EW, 8921A17EW, 8921A19EW, 8921A191W, 8921A192W, 8921A193W1, 8921A194W, 8921A19SW, 8921A19EW, 8921A200W, 8921A201W, 8921A202W, 8921A202W, 8921A204W, 8921A205W, 8921A20EW, 8921A207W, 8921A20SW, 8921A210W, 8921A211W, 8921A212W, 8921A213W, 8921A214W, 8921A215W, 8921A21EW, 8921A217W, 8921A220W, 8921A221W, 8921A222W, 8921A222W, 8921A224W, 8921A230W, 8921A231W, 8921A232W, 8921A233W, 8921A234W, 8921A240W, 8921A241W, 8921A242W, 8921A243W, 8921A244W, 8921A300R, 8921A300W, 8921A301R, 8921A301W, 8921A302R, 8921A302W, 8921A303R, 8921A303W, 8921A304R, 8921A304W, 8921A30SW, 8921A320R, 8921A320W, 8921A321R, 8921A321W, 8921A322R, 8921A322W, 8921A323K, 8921A323W, 8921A330W, 8921A331W, 8921A340W, 8921A350W, 8921A360W, 8921A380W, 8921A420W, 8921A440W, 8921A450W, 8921A460W, 8921A470W, 8921A610W, 8921A811W, 8921A612W, 8921A620W, 8921A821W, 8921A622W, 8921A630W, 8921A633W, 8921A640W, 8921A643W, 8921A844W, 8921A850W, 8921A651W, 8921A652W, 8921A653W, 8921A880W, 8921A881W, 8921A870W, 8921A871W, 8921A880W, 8921A881W, 8921A890W, 8921A691W, 8921A892K, 8921A692W, 8921A893K, 8921A894K, 8921A700W, 8921A701W, 8921A702W, 8921A790W, 8921A791W, 8921A800W, 8921A801W, 8921A840W, 8921A841W, 8921A850W, 8921A990W, 8921A991W, 8921A992W, 8922A190W, 8922A200W, 8922A320W, 8922A321W, 8923A000W, 8923A001W, 8923A002W, 8923A003W, 8923A010W, 8923A011W, 8923A012W, 8923A013W, 8923A014W, 8923A01S\V, 8923A020W, 8923A021W, 8923A02ZW1, 8923A480W, 8923A481W, 8923A470W, 8923A471W, 8923A510W, 8923A511W, 8923A530W, 8923A531W, 8923A540W, 8923A541W, 8923A543W, 8923A580K, 8923A580R, 8923A560W, 8923A561K, 8923A561W, 8923A562K, 8923A562W, 8923A563K, 8923A563W, 8923A580K, 8923A580W, 8923A581W, 8923A582W, 8923A583K, 8923A583W, 8923A590W, 8923A591W, 8923A594W, 8923A600W, 8923A801W, 8923A804W, 8923A610W, 8923A811W, 8923A612W, 8923A613W, 8923A614W, 8923A620W, 8923A623W1, 8923A630W, 8923A632W, 8923A633W1, 8923A640W, 8923A841W, 8923A643W1, 8923A844W, 8923A650W, 8923A851W, 8923A852W, 8923A653W1, 8923A654W, 8923A660W, 8923A661W, 8923A662W, 8928A882W, 8923A884W, 8923A670W, 8923A871W, 8923A672W, 8928A872W, 8923A874W, 8928A880W, 8923A884W, 8923A690W, 8923A891W, 8928A892W, 8923A700W, 8923A701W, 8928A702W, 8923A710W, 8923A711W, 8923A712W, 8923A714W, 8923A730G, 8923A731G, 8923A740G, 8923A741G, 8923A770W, 8923A771W, 8923A772W, 8923A774W, 8923A780W, 8923A781W, 8923A782W, 8923A784W, 8923A790W1 8923A791W, 8923A792W, 8923A794W, 8923A800W, 8923A801W, 8923A802W, 8923A804W, 8923A810W, 8923A811W, 8923A812W, 8923A814W, 8923A820W, 8923A821W, 8928A822W, 8923A830W, 8923A833W, 8923A840W, 8923A843W, 8923A850W, 8923A851W, 8923A852W, 8923A853W, 8923A880W, 8923A861W, 8923A882W, 8923A883W, 8923A880W, 8923A881W, 8923A882W, 8923A883W, 8923A890W, 8923A891W, 8923A892W, 8923A893W, 8923A900W, 8923A901W, 8923A902W, 8928A902W, 8923A910W, 8923A911W, 8928A912W, 8923A920W, 8923A921W, 8928A922W, 8923A930W, 8923A931W, 8923A93ZW1, 8923A933W1, 8923A934W, 8923A940W, 8923A941W, 8923A94ZW1, 8923A944W, 8924A010W, 8924A011W, 8924A020W, 8924A021W, 8924A030W, 8924A031W, 8924A040W, 8924A041W, 8924A050W, 8924A060W, 8924A130W, 8924A131W, 8924A132W, 8924A133W, 8924A134W, 8924A140W, 8924A141W, 8924A142W, 8924A142W, 8924A150W, 8924A151W, 8924A152W, 8924A152W, 8924A154W, 8924A160W, 8924A181W, 8924A162W, 8924A162W, 8924A170W, 8924A180W, 8924A181W, 8924A182W, 8924A190W, 8924A191W, 8924A192W, 8924A200W, 8924A201W, 8924A210W, 8924A211W, 8924A211W, 8924A212W, 8924A260K, 8924A260R, 8924A260W, 8924A261W, 8924A262K, 8924A262W, 8924A270W, 8924A271W, 8924A272W, 8924A280W, 8924A281W, 8924A290W, 8924A291W, 8924A292W, 8924A292W, 8924A300W, 8924A301W, 8924A302W, 8924A303W, 8924A310W, 8924A311W, 8924A312W, 8924A320W, 8924A321W, 8924A322W, 8924A323W, 8924A480W, 8924A481W, 8924A482W, 8925A250G, 8925A252G, 8925A253G, 8925A260G, 8925A261G, 8925A262G, 8925A263G, 8972A040W, 8972A041W, 8972A042W, 8972A230A, 8972A250W, 8972A280A, 8920A070W, 8920A071W, 8920A072W, 8920A072W, 8920A074W, 8920A075W, 8920A07EW, 8920A080W, 8920A081W, 8920A082W, 8920A082W, 8920A084W, 8920A085W, 8920A100W, 8920A101W, 8920A102W, 8920A102W, 8920A10EW, 8920A220W, 8920A221W, 8920A222W, 8920A222W, 8920A224W, 8920A22EW, 8922A010W, 8922A011W, 8922A012W, 8922A012W, 8922A020W, 8922A021W, 8922A022W, 8922A022W, 8922A024W, 8922A026W, 8922A030W, 8922A031W, 8922A032W, 8922A033W, 8922A034W, 8922A035W, 8922A03EW, 8922A040W, 8922A041W, 8922A042W, 8922A043W, 8922A044W, 8922A04EW, 8922A047W, 8922A050W, 8922A051W, 8922A052W, 8922A053W, 8922A080W, 8922A081W, 8922A082W, 8922A083W, 8922A084W, 8922A085W, 8922A090W, 8922A091W, 8922A092W, 8922A093W, 8922A095W, 8922A100W, 8922A101W, 8922A102W, 8922A103W, 8922A110W, 8922A111W, 8922A112W, 8922A113W, 8922A114W, 8922A115W, 8961A010W, 8961A020W, 93204710G, 9320A720G, 9320A730G, 9322A001G, 9322A003G, 9322A010G, 9322A011G, 9322A012G, 9323A110G, 9323A110H, 9323A111G, 9323A120G, 9323A130G, 9323A160G, 9323A170H, 9323A180G, 9323A190G, 9323A200G, 9323A200H, 9323A230G, 3239F200W, 3239F201W, 3239F202W, 3239F210W, 3239F211W, 3239F212W, 3239F220W, 3239F221W, 3239F222W, 3239F223W, 8860A470W, 8881A110, 8881A111, 8861A220W, 8861A280W, 8861A290W

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Weight0.025 kg

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