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CAV DPA (DPG) DP200, DP210 and DP310 trunion


CAV DPA (DPG) DP200, DP210 and DP310 trunion


CAV DPA (DPG) DP200, DP210 and DP310 trunion

Item 422 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DP200 pumps:

8924A490T, 8924A491T, 8924A500T, 8924A501T, 8924A540T, 8924A541T, 8925A390W, 8925A400W, 8925A410W, 8925A420W

Fits the following DP210/DP310 pumps:

9320A130T, 9320А131Т, 9320А132Т, 9320А140Т, 9320А141Т, 9320А142Т, 9320А160Т, 9320А161Т, 9320А162Т, 9320А170Т, 9320А171Т, 9320А172Т, 9320А310Т, 9320А311Т, 9320А312Т, 9320А320Т, 9320А321Т, 9320А322Т, 9320А323Т, 9320А330Т, 9320А331Т, 9320A332T, 9320A333T, 9320A510T, 9320A511T, 9320A520T, 9320A521T, 9320A570T, 9320A571T, 9320A630T, 9320A631T, 9320A640T, 9320A641T, 9320A840T, 9320A850T, 9320A860T, 9320A870T, 9322A061T, 9322A062T, 9322A063T, 9322A080T, 9322A090T, 9322A091T, 9322A170T, 9322A180T, 9323A050T, 9323A120G, 9323A130G, 9323A160G, 9323A180G, 9323A190G, 9323A210T, 9323A210T, 9520A170T

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3230F560T, 3230F561T, 3230F562T, 3230F563T, 3230F564T, 3230F565T, 3230F570T, 3230F571T, 3230F572T, 3230F580T, 3230F581T, 3230F582T, 3239F590T, 3239F591T, 3239F592T, 3260F530T, 3260F531T, 3260F532T, 3260F533T, 3260F534T, 3340F260T, 3340F261T, 3340F262T, 3340F263T, 3340F264T, 3340F280T, 3340F281T, 3340F282T, 3340F283T, 3340F284T, 3340F320T, 3340F321T, 3340F322T, 3340F410Т, 3340F411T, 3349F250T, 3349F251T, 3349F252T, 3349F253T, 3349F330T, 3349F331T, 3349F332T, 3349F333T, 3630F020T, 3630F021T, 3642F880W, 8860А410К, 8860A410W, 8860А411K, 8860A411W, 88G0A420K, 88G0A420W, 8860А421К, 8860A421W, 8861А210К, 8861A210W, 8861А211К, 8861A211W


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