Lucas CAV DPA diesel injection pump throttle shaft (long version) 7123-770A


Lucas CAV DPA diesel injection pump throttle shaft (long version) 7123-770A


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Lucas CAV DPA throttle shaft 7123-770A

Please supply your pump number when ordering.

This shaft fits Ford/Case applications with multi throttle lever pumps as per the image. If you need a standard short version these are also available HERE

Equivalent to:

FORD C5NE9F557A, PERKINS 26431754, 7123-770L, 7167-744

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3042F030, 3042F031, 3042F032, 3042F033, 3042F040, 3042F041, 3042F042, 3042F050, 3042F051, 3042F052, 3042F060, 3042F061, 3042F062, 3042F070, 3042F071, 3042F080, 3042F090, 3042F100, 3042F101, 3042F110, 3042F120, 3042F121, 3042F122, 3042F130, 3042F131, 3042F132, 3042F140, 3042F150, 3042F151, 3042F152, 3042F160, 3042F170, 3042F180, 3042F181, 3042F181P, 3042F181R, 3042F180, 3042F200, 3042F210, 3042F220, 3042F220P, 3042F220R, 3042F230, 3042F231, 3042F240, 3042F241, 3042F250, 3042F251, 3042F260, 3042F261, 3042F270, 3042F280, 3042F290, 3042F300, 3042F310, 3042F320, 3042F330, 3042F331, 3042F340, 3042F350, 3042F360, 3042F360P, 3042F360R, 3042F370, 3042F380, 3042F390, 3042F390P, 3042F400, 3042F410, 3042F420, 3042F440, 3042F450, 3042F460, 3042F480, 3042F600, 3042F610, 3042F620, 3042F670, 3042F680, 3042F680P, 3042F690, 3042F760, 3042F770, 3042F780, 3042F800, 3042F810, 3042F820, 3042F830, 3042F840, 3062F010, 3062F011, 3062F012, 3062F020, 3062F021, 3062F022, 3062F050, 3062F051, 3062F060, 3062F061, 3062F061P, 3062F081R, 3062F090, 3062F100, 3062F110, 3062F120, 3062F121, 3062F130, 3062F131, 3062F132, 3062F133, 3062F140, 3062F141, 3062F142, 3062F143, 3062F150, 3062F160, 3062F170, 3062F180, 3062F190, 3062F200, 3062F210, 3062F220, 3062F230, 3062F240, 3062F250, 3062F260, 3062F270, 3062F270P, 3062F270R, 3062F280, 3062F290, 3062F300, 3062F301, 3062F310, 3062F311, 3062F311P, 3062F320, 3062F330, 3062F380, 3062F381, 3062F390, 3062F391, 3062F400, 3062F401, 3062F430, 3062F431, 3062F431P, 3062F431R, 3062F450, 3062F480, 3062F490, 3062F491, 3062F500, 3062F520, 3062F521, 3062F530, 3062F540, 3062F541, 3062F550, 3062F551, 3062F600, 3062F610, 3062F611, 3232848, 3232858, 3232868, 3232958, 3232968, 3232978, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F958, 3232F968, 3232F978, 3233020, 3233030, 3233050, 3233060, 3233070, 3233080, 3233150, 3233151, 3233161, 3233170, 3233171, 3233210, 3233211, 3233290, 3233300, 3233320, 3233380, 3233390, 3233440, 3233F020, 3233F030, 3233F060, 3233F150, 3233F151, 3233F161, 3233F170, 3233F171, 3233F210, 3233F211, 3233F290, 3233F300, 3233F320, 3233F380, 3233F390, 3233F440, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F740, 3233F770, 3233F800, 3233F860, 3233F870, 3233F880, 3233F890, 3233F900, 3233F950, 3233F980, 3238F020, 3238F030, 3238F040, 3238F050, 3238F060, 3238F080, 3238F090, 3238F100, 3238F110, 3238F120, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3238F190, 3238F270, 3238F280, 3238F290, 3238F300, 3238F310, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F330, 3238F340, 3238F341, 3238F350, 3238F390, 3238F400, 3238F410, 3238F420, 3238F450, 3238F460, 3238F490, 3238F540, 3238F550, 3238F560, 3238F570, 3238F580, 3238F590, 3238F600, 3238F790, 3238F800, 3238F810, 3238F820, 3238F830, 3238F831, 3238F860, 3238F861, 3238F870, 3238F871, 3238F880, 3238F881, 3238F890, 3238F891, 3238F900, 3238F901, 3238F910, 3238F911, 3238F920, 3238F921, 3238F950, 3238F951, 3239F080, 3239F081, 3239F090, 3239F091, 3239F100, 3239F101, 3239F140, 3239F150, 3239F160, 3239F170, 3239F190, 3239F190, 3239F250X, 3239F251X, 3239F260X, 3239F261X, 3239F270X, 3239F271X, 3239F290X, 3239F291X, 3239F300W], 3249F770, 3249F771, 3249F920, 3249F921, 3249F950, 3249F951, 3269100, 3268240, 3268630, 3268F100, 3268F630, 3342F340, 3342F480, 3342F530, 3342F770, 3342F771, 3342F780, 3343F380, 3343F700, 3343F740, 3343F741, 3343F742, 3343F770, 3343F810, 3343F950, 3343F951, 3343F952, 3348F580, 3348F590, 3348F610, 3348F630, 3348F930T, 3348F980X, 3363F470, 3363F480, 3363F490, 3363F500, 3363F510, 3363F540, 3363F550, 3363F560, 3363F570, 3363F590, 3363F890, 3363F950, 3363F960, 3363F970, 3363F980, 3369F180X, 3369F181X, 3462F860G, 3632F140, 3632F170, 3632F171, 3642F260, 3642F270, 3642F280, 3642F300, 3642F310, 3642F320, 3642F440, 3642F460, 3642F490, 3642F491, 3642F500, 3642F501, 3642F650, 3642F670, 3642F730V7, 3642F780G, 3642F790T, 3642F800G, 3642F810\V, 3642F820W1, 3642F830G, 3642F831G, 3642F840T, 3642F860G, 3642F861G, 3642F870G, 3642F871G, 3642F890G, 3642F891G, 3642F910\V, 3642F920W, 3642F930W, 3642F940W, 3642F941W, 3642F950W, 3642F970W, 3662F640, 3662F640K, 3662F650, 3662F680, 3662F780, 3662F860, 3662F870, 3662F871, 3662F890, 3662F900, 3662F910, 3662F920, 3662F940, 3662F940K, 3662F970W, 3662F980, 3662F980R, 3942F611, 3942F612, 3942F613, 8860A010, 8860A020, 8860A030, 8860A040, SS60A070W, 8860A080, 8860A081, 8860A090W, 8860A100W, 8860A110G, 8860A110W, 8860A120W, 8860A121W, 8860A130W, 8860A140W, 8860A160, 8860A170T, 8860A180W, 8860A181W, 8860A201W, 8860A221W, 8860A350W, 8860A360W, 8860A380W, 8860A331W, 8860A332W, 8860A393W, 8860A440W, 8860A450W, 8860A460W, 8861AOOO, 8861A050, 8861A080, 8861A090W, 8861A091W, 8861A100W, 8861A101W, 8861A110, 8861A111, 8861A120W, 8861A121W, 8861A130W, 8861A140W, 8861A1 SOW, 8861A1 SOW, 8861A230W, 8861A240W, 8861A250W, 8861A280W, 8861A290W, 8861A300W, 8861A320W, 8861A330W, 8861A340W, 8862A000, 8862A021, 8862A030W, 8862A040W, 8862A050W, 8862A060W, 8862A080W, 8862A090W, 8862A1OOW, 8862A110W, V3233F651, V3233F980, V3238F050, V3342F771, V3342F780, V3343F380, V3632F140, V3642F300, V3642F320

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