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Lucas CAV DPA cam ring 7139-100F USED

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Lucas CAV DPA Cam ring USED

This is a serviceable USED part

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Lucas CAV DPA Cam ring from 6 cylinder pump number 3268F431 USED. Marked 100F

Part number: 7139-100F

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

3262708, 3262788, 3262F708, 3262F788, 3263110, 3263111, 3263112, 3263113, 3263250, 3263252, 3263300, 3263301, 3263302, 3263303, 3263500, 3263501, 3263540, 3263541, 3263771, 3263F113, 3263F252, 3263F303, 3263F501, 3263F541, 3263F771, 3268250, 3268430, 3268431, 3268610, 3268710, 3268F250, 3268F430, 3268F431, 3268F432, 3268F610, 3268F710, 3269F200, 3362F810, 3362F811, 3962F040, 3962F041, 3962F042, 3962F043, 3962F050, 3962F051, 3962F052, 3962F060, 3962F061, 3962F062

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